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- Updated Sunday, June 8, 2008 2:41 PM

Thanks to all the people that help support Contributions go towards paying the domain name fees, monthly hosting fees and the Icontact email program

On going expenses also include AA batteries for my camera for all the pictures I take at tournaments, paper and ink cartridges for printing sheets at tournaments and for printing flyers to take around to all the local venues and also printing multiple page flyers for larger tournaments such as Del City and NASC™.

Another way to support is by purchasing products from the online store. I have purchased many of the products myself and all are high quality. I've been happy with every item I've ordered including the yellow messenger bag, tote bag, mouse pad, cups, mugs, beer steins and Hanes tagless t-shirts. I can also make "custom" items for you and also offer a bulk rate on 15 or more items of one kind.

Thanks again to all

Ann Harrell
Phone: 574-342-0618 eFax: 267-327-0618
Mind like a steel trap..
Rusty and illegal in 37 states.

Journey's End Bar & Grill
Mike Koontz & Jim Koontz
Bourbon, IN

Glen & Jeri Ingram
Summitville, IN

California Shuffleboard HOF
Jim Martin, President

Dennis Kinsey Tippecanoe, IN

Missouri Shuffleboard
Players Association

Carol Westerman & Tom Bickel
North Webster, IN

Indiana/Michigan (7th HOF)
Shuffleboard Players

Dear Ann,
This is a note to thank you for your help with the recent women’s tournament in Michigan and, more importantly, your ongoing work and time spent in coordinating and disseminating information and communicating to the shuffleboard world through your fantastic website at The following shufflers want to let you know that your tireless work is truly appreciated in keeping this valuable website and source of information alive.

Truly appreciated...

Jane Mourgos (CA)    Linda Meyer (PHX)
Cindy Clark (PHX)      Manny Canada (PHX)
Vickie Hunt (CA)         Denise Yohn (PHX)
Kathy Thomas (CA)   Mary Ellen Scott (PHX)
Denise Bailey (PHX)  Linda Churchman (PHX)

Ken Reed Bourbon, IN Chet Seybert Kokomo, IN
Terry Wolfrum - Ohio Robert Atkins Summitville, IN
Bud Esterline Ft. Wayne, IN Debbie Voorhis Fairmount, IN
Lorraine Olson
Paul Panholzer CA (Reno)
Bill Maxwell OR (Reno) Bob & Anna Brunskill (Reno)
Jon Mauk N. Webster, IN Glenn Smitth (OH)
Many thanks to all the folks for the donations in Reno both known and anonymous. Whistling Oyster Quilicene, WA

KC ShootOut
Del City 2012
14th WWW
NASC™ 2012
Houston 2012

Del City
13th WWW
NASC™ 2011

Houston 2011

Del City 2010
12th WWW
NASC™ 2010
Houston 2010

KC ShootOut
Del City 2009
11th WWW
NASC™ 2009
Houston 2009

KC ShootOut
2nd PNW
Del City 2008
10th WWW
NASC™ 2008
Houston 2008

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