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I saw it on the home page, I swear!
Sunday September 11, 2005 7:25 PM

Eshuffleboard introduced in The Board Talk November/December Issue with all pages intact and the stated goal of "providing current and archival information for the whole shuffleboard community."

It looked something like this, uploaded 10/1/04:

Shuffleboard Corner October 24, 2004. Not updated since 05/27/2004

Table on Setpember 24, 2004. Not updated since 06/05/2004


KC ShootOut
Del City 2012
14th WWW
NASC™ 2012
Houston 2012

Del City
13th WWW
NASC™ 2011

Houston 2011

Del City 2010
12th WWW
NASC™ 2010
Houston 2010

KC ShootOut
Del City 2009
11th WWW
NASC™ 2009
Houston 2009

KC ShootOut
2nd PNW
Del City 2008
10th WWW
NASC™ 2008
Houston 2008

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