July 22, 2009

Volume 9, Number 011


20th Annual NASC™ - Airfare Alert

Huge Savings on Delta

A huge break in airfares has just become available on Delta Airlines. This is available in from almost all of the areas in the East, Midwest and South where NASC™ participants travel from, with the biggest savings available from the Midwest. Sample fares are $241 from Detroit (the lowest fare in at least 5 years), $240 from Austin, $240 from Kansas City, $241 from Indianapolis, $236 from Omaha, $260 from Denver and $284 from Little Rock. All of these fares are down $100 to $200 from just a couple of days ago. Big changes like these generally last 48 hours or less, so now it the time to book your flights. If you would like some help in finding the best airfare or room & airfare package, please give me a call at 800-380-3033.

If you are planning on attending the tournament, but have not signed up yet, you can register online with a credit card or PayPal by clicking

To print Tournament forms and information, please use the following links: Registration Form, Schedule of Events, and General Information. If you have never been to the NASC™, there has never been a better time to find out why, over the past ten years, more players have attended the NASC™ than any other tournament.

If you need help making air or hotel reservations, or have any questions about the tournament, please call The Shuffleboard Federation at 800-380-3033.

John McDermott, Tournament Director