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Wednesday June 29, 2005 6:51 AM

Fir Cone Tavern
114 W. Cota
Shelton, Washington 98584

Part #1 by Ann Harrell & Dwayne Dibley

[Note: Jim Manders was my sounding board for an idea for a recurring series of “Shuffleboard Venue Profiles” for the weekend before his death. He suggested the Fir Cone Tavern, former owners Mel & Jeanette Hohn and current owner Ernie Montoya as my first project.]

1995 - 2005

Grandiose Plans
The Fir Cone Tavern Shelton, Washington has a long and distinguished history going back 75 years. Shuffleboard in the Pacific Northwest started at the Fir Cone. In April 1995 Mel and Jeanette Hohn bought the Fir Cone Tavern. Mel & Jeanette HohnThey had grandiose plans (as every new bar owner does) to get rid of the shuffleboard tables and to put in a dance floor and bring in Rock & Roll and Country & Western bands. The shuffleboard players were mad and stayed away in droves!

Fortunately for everyone involved, the June 1995 Forest Festival tournament was already scheduled. Bill ShanahanVern Gonzales and Bill Shanahan were in charge of that event, and 40 teams showed up and competed for the $5,000 in prize money. It’s not clear if they showed up to “say good-bye” to the Fir Cone or to show Mel and Jeanette that keeping the shuffleboard tables was a good idea. In any case, Mel and Jeanette decided that perhaps the shuffleboard tables weren’t dead wood after all!

Free Beer
Being a spectator at the Forest Festival Tournament gave Mel the shuffleboard fever and he started Mel Hohnshooting. Mel credits local shuffleboard player, Leroy Austin, with teaching him to play. One day Leroy saw Mel tossing weights around and said “for a beer” he would teach him how to play. After paying Leroy's bar tab for too many months to mention, Leroy decided the time had come to up the ante to $5 a game. It didn't take Mel long to realize he would have to
improve or go broke. Mel became Leroy's best student and Leroy became Mel's idol.

Jeanette Hohn, seeing this activity nightly, soon Jeanette Hohnrealized that if she wasn’t careful she was going to be a shuffleboard widow. Jeanette also took up the game. Since then, Jeanette and Mel have won several mixed doubles and A-B tournament across the Northwest earning them the nicknames of TBK and Devil Woman. They have also hosted some of the best tournaments in Washington.

State Tournament
The Fir Cone Tavern was the site of the last WashingtonVern Gonzales State Tournament (2002). Reigning state champs Vern Gonzales and Mel Hohn are still waiting to defend their titles. Hopefully there will be another Washington State tournament in the near future where more new players can strut their stuff.


In an attempt to get new players into the game, Mel & Jeanette Hohn started the amateur and division II tournament in the Northwest in 1998. They ran a series of amateur tournaments with a point system for the winners. Qualified players (those with enough points) were invited to play in the Amateur Championship and compete for an all expense paid trip to the NASC in Reno. It was a huge success and resulted in the acquiring of such players as Jeff Kersting, Paulette McKinney, and Judy George. Now Friday nights before a tournament are always A/B draws to give new players a chance at winning and A-B Meat Shoots are also held (for a $3.00 entry fee players shot for “meat” as the prize).

Part 2: Current owner, Ernie Montoya and the future
Coming Soon!!!.

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Doug Buhl National HOF Induction

Doug is being inducted into The National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame this year.

September - Doug Buhl
Labor Day Weekend
The National Shuffleboard HOF
"99 Tavern" and "Willees" in
Winston, Oregon

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Upcoming Events at
The Fir Cone

July 22-23
Open Draw 2.0 thru 6.0
Fir Cone Tavern
114 W. Cota
Shelton, Washington

November 11-13
Mixed Tournament Fir Cone Tavern
Shelton, Washington

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Photos from Computer Peas by Eddie Brayman. More photos will be added when the article is complete.

Thanks to Mel Hohn for taking the time to talk to me and to Dwayne Dibley for his editing expertise.

As this is the first email using the new program, please let me know if you have any issues or errors viewing this newsletter.



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