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Bringing Shuffleboard into the 21st century!
The 1st website to post shuffleboard tournament results from across the nation!
Friday July 22, 2005 7:59 PM  
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[April 2005 Results]

May 2005 - Results Posted
  May 27-30
Michigan Club Car Open (Mixed/3Person/Doubles/Singles) Durand, MI
May 13-15 Mud Bay Mixed Doubles Buzz's Tavern Olympia, WA
  May 14, 2005 Pendelton Am Vets -Open Doubles
  May 6-8, 2005  Jim Long & Larry Creakbaum TSA HOF Ind. & Tournament


   Wow, this sure has been a busy month for me! I moved. The 44th Spring Tournament and TSA HOF ceremony. Work. I've also been working on the Williams Shuffleboard website and that's about ready to go live (barring any more technical difficulties from Yahoo, credit card companies or my software). All the products are in place but I don't have some of the "extras" done as of this writing. Hopefully before the end of the week (Thursday) all will be done. The good thing is that the next time I need to do a Yahoo store it will be much easier since I've gotten all the software to work correctly and I've busted that learning curve!

 I'm going to toot my own horn here (since no one else will!!<g>) I've been taking pictures and reporting results only since September 26-27, 2003, the very first shuffleboard tournament at Journey's End. I guess I'm coming up on my two year anniversary of reporting and playing shuffleboard! I must be doing something right because I was surprised and gratified to see many of my pictures and scans included in the HOF booklet for Jim Long and Larry Creakbaum! The cover photo (that also appeared in the last newsletter) was taken at the request of Kevin Stewart, Legion Commander, at the Bourbon Legion, March 11-12, 2005, Round Robin and also appeared on the home page of for most of April. Here's the link to the pictures that I scanned for Larry Creakbaum and here are the Indiana HOF pictures. I hauled them off the wall one night with permission from the Legion, lugged them home, scanned them, cleaned the frames and glass and lugged 'em back. I'm surprised because I didn't know they were going to be used in the booklet (with my permission) or used online (without my permission) as were the results that I recorded at the behest of the tournament director. I'm gratified because it means at least some people are looking through the pictures of past tournaments. For the official write up of the HOF Ceremony go here. For the official listing of participant names and tournament results with winner photos go here.
And never the twain shall meet.

   Did you know there's a message board for shuffleboard sponsored and ran by the TSA? There are all manner of things to discuss so go sign up and join in. A click on the logo will take you directly there. Don't just sign up! Participate! Start a new thread! Let's see that membership jump in the next few days and let's generate some discussion. Tell 'em Ann sent you.

  I've met all manner of people through Some I've eventually met in person such as Roger Wilhelm from Ohio (we played at the Spring Tournament), others are still just email addresses waiting to be matched up with a face. I've been thanked and berated. One memorable letter (yes, an actual letter) from Spokane Washington called me a rude, obnoxious, ridiculous, idiot pain in the @ss that needs to get a life or get laid. The same letter said I should "slither like the snake you are back under whatever rock you belly crawled out from under" and that I have some sort of "agenda". I'm still somewhat mystified that some one from Spokane Washington would know I need to get laid <g> I have a life that I'm happy with. If I'm not with my kids, working at my day job or playing shuffleboard, you will find me right here, at my computer desk. It's what I do. I've saved that letter and pull it out and read it when I start feeling a little unhappy about my life. I look at it and think, hey... at least I can spell <G>

   And lastly.. finally. I'm planning on heading out to the Michigan Open early Friday morning, god willing and the creak don't rise. I'm taking my laptop and camera and I'm hoping to find a kind soul with an internet connection I can borrow to post results, if it's ok with the Kanes. I'll get started creating those pages tonight. If you're up that way, I use a RJ45 cable to connect, not wireless. This will be my first time to the Club Car and my first time playing out of state. I'll be looking for a mixed doubles partner on Friday, I have a tentative 3P on Saturday and I'll need a doubles, Division II partner, on Sunday if I last that long. I can't wait to get up there and meet some more of the Michigan people!

Drive safely to the Memorial Day weekend destination of your choice and good luck shuffling!

Ann Harrell
Mind like a steel trap....
Rusty and illegal in 37 states.

Happy Birthday to

My goals for this web site are:

To compliment and supplement current methods of reporting on shuffleboard tournaments, shuffleboard leagues and shuffleboard Hall-of-Fames.

 To post results from tournaments as soon as possible after it takes place.
 To post schedules for every state that are accessible to everyone, anywhere.
 To link those schedules to the flyers for the shuffleboard tournament.
 To provide the space for others to share their shuffleboard information.

What I need from you...

Information. Information. Information. Lots and lots of information. About your shuffleboard league, your shuffleboard Hall-of-Fame, your shuffleboard tournaments.

What's in it for me...

Nothing. Nada. Zero, zip, zilch.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I hope to sell banner advertising and I'll take donations, but other than that, it will probably be out of my pocket. My pockets aren't very deep, so I'll use all the free tools that I can (like the free counter). It's fortunate that I used to work for a software company that makes database tools, web page and graphics programs and that I don't have a life <G>

So that's it. Send your information, preferably in electronic format, and I'll post it for you!

Ann Harrell, Bourbon, Indiana
October 1st, 2004

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