Sunday August 14, 2005 10:15 PM - Hot Summer Nights - Road to Reno

Hot Summer Nights Indeed!! (GMTA)

While speaking to Bob Davidson from California last week he commented jokingly on the fact that there was a "Hot Summer Nights" tournament in Madison Heights, MI the same weekend as the the "3rd Annual Hot Summer Nights" in Bellflower, CA at the Rosewood Pub. I told Bob, that I would "mention it" while I was there.

Relaxing after a leisurely 4 hours drive, at the registration desk, I hollered at Jason Papa, owner of the Madison Heights Bar & Grill, "Hey, Jason, there's some guys out in California that want to talk to you about stealing their name for your tournament!" Jason threw up this hands and said something like, "I thought I was being so original, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that other flyer online with the same name, the same weekend".

And to this I say, "GMTA", Great minds think alike. More power to both "Hot Summer Nights" tournaments. I hope to have complete results posted for both tournaments by mid week.

Later in the afternoon, after locals Rob Mueller and Travis Taylor had stamped a big red "L" on my forehead, I was going over the draft flyer for Jason's next tournament. It's called the "Wetlands Reunion". Bracket man Rob Kern explained that the Wetlands was a bar that had been owned by Jason's dad where everyone had played shuffleboard for years. The shuffleboard tables eventually had to be moved out to make more restaurant space. Jason's bowling alley and bar are making a new home for those boards and players.

Kern says... tell Jason there's already a "Wetlands Reunion" tournament and he'll have to pick a different name <G> Everyone got a laugh out of that.

September 23-25 - Flyer Soon Madison Park Bar & Grill "Wetlands Reunion" Friday Mixed, Saturday Open-Div. II Singles Sunday Open-Div. II Doubles.

Road to Reno
Oct. 29-Nov. 6
NASC™ 2005

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