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PCSN Announcment - Fir Cone Part #2 - Whistling Oyster Update
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Part #2
Fir Cone Tavern 2005-
114 W. Cota Shelton, Washington 98584

Bite the Bullet
For many years Ernie Montoya had this little fire burning in his belly to buy and operate a bar. Retiring after twenty odd years, from the meat cutting/ packing industry and then being elected to run the food production local of a large union for seventeen years and talking about this dream, his daughters told him to bite the bullet and do it.

He had looked at numerous bar from as far away as the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico and the US before finding one in his own back yard.

Born in Colorado, Ernie’s family moved to Washington, to a Weyerhauser logging camp during WWWII. Then as a teen his family bought a home in the nearby town of Rainier, another logging community. He feels at home here in Shelton and its logging history.

History repeats itself
When Mel and Jeanette Hohn bought the Fir Cone Tavern in 1995, their intentions were to take out the shuffleboard table and have rock and roll bands. Ernie’s thought on seeing that huge table was also, " that thing has got to go ". Fortunately for the shuffleboard community a special “Farewell Mel and Jeanette and Welcome Ernie Tournament” was held. It was then that Ernie saw the fun and camaraderie of the people and the game. It was a memorable occasion with his daughters Laura and Teresa and friend Dineen waiting on customers. They were a hit with the players. Soon after that he bought another quality hand me down board with the name Shotzies on it and plans to have many tournaments.

The Competition
Meat shoots are a favorite part of Saturday afternoons. Having worked in the meat industry, Ernie always provides a good selection for the prizes on these weekend tourneys. He describes his patrons as enjoyably, super people, salt of the earth family folks and fierce competitors, whether it’s a meat shoot or a $300.00 Calcutta buy back.

The Future
With the help of friends and family, Ernie spends his time sprucing up the Fir cone. Cleaning, fixing, repairing between long hours serving customers hoping to be ready soon for a grand opening.

Daja vu all over again

Grand Masters August 6-7, 2005

1st Darrol Nelson & Mike Waters
2nd Don Mitchell & Les Burt
3rd Al Pease & Alvin Orcutt
4th Bill Walker & Jim Watson

This part of the tournament could almost be Deja vu. Darrol Nelson and his partner, Mike Walters never faltered from start to finish, in a field of tough players. Darrol has won the doubles 9 years out of 15 years here (with 5 different partners).

A great time was had by all, the motel and hotel and park were full. The jungle was full also (and quiet). Thank you!

Thanks to Clark Kenny and Don Mitchell for the sales. Thanks to Sandee, Ruby and Linda for all the help with the food that we had Saturday and Sunday.

Also thanks go out to players and spectators. No complaining, no whining. This makes our jobs easier. Love you all and hope to see you next year, August 4-6, 2006.
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