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© Newsletter #1
(and probably the one and only)

Sunday February 27, 2005 6:25 PM

Dear Shuffleboard Players and Vendors and Promoters:

Howdy shuffleboard players! First off, if you're wondering where I got your email address...I searched all the shuffleboard web sites, flyers and all the shuffleboard related emails I've ever been copied on to compile this list.

I would like to introduce you to myself and a web site for shuffleboard results and news at I started playing shuffleboard less than 2 years ago after my brothers, Mike Koontz (.03) and Jim Koontz bought a bar in Bourbon, Indiana now called Journey's End Bar & Grill, currently with 5 shuffleboards. Even though I'm a beginner, I've played in many tournaments since that time. I guess you could say I have more money than sense, but since I don't have much money that must also mean I don't have much sense either... uh wait....that's not what I meant to say <G> Anywho, I guess I've just decided that since I'm old(er) than the normal beginner that I need to put more effort into getting up to speed.

Shuffleboard is a new love (well, more of a love/hate relationship if you want the truth). My first love is computers and all things web and internet related. I've been doing web sites for 10 years and enjoy doing it. I worked for Allaire Corporation out of Newton, MA until they were acquired by Macromedia (and got laid off shortly there after). I now work for an advertising agency placing magazine advertising in addition to databases, web sites, graphics and search engine optimization (a big word for getting web sites rated high on the search engines). I do web sites professionally for several clients on the side.

I started eShuffleboard after checking out all the web sites related to shuffleboard that I could find. I saw that a lot of them were poorly done and had not been updated in years. Most of them also have links that haven't been checked in years either and many of those links are dead. The TSA and Bowers Ratings site had remained static as did The Board Talk site. I bought the domain name and got eShuffleboard up and running on October 1, 2004 with the intention to post tournament results/HOF information and League results in a timely manner as I have been doing for Journey's End since their first tournament. I offer space (without the hassle of domain registration or hosting fees) for HOF and League information to anyone that would care to have something posted. I hope to create and sell banner advertising (such as the "created with pride" logo in the bottom right hand corner, the RIP graphic, the eshuffleboard menu and logo) to vendors and establishments (not pop-up ads) to support the site. I have since added Google ads, which don't pay anything unless they are clicked on. I figure in about 6 months they'll be sending me a check for $100, if I'm lucky <G>

Well... we know what happened next. The publication of the Board Talk was suspended by Champion Shuffleboard. Suddenly tournament results started appearing on sites where it would have been anathema for them to appear before, "free service/non-profit" web sites. I guess that's to differentiate them from eShuffleboard, which will make me a millionaire (in my dreams!) <G> I have been told that it is just a coincidence that league information and tournament results started to be posted so soon after my site went live, but I have my doubts and I must admit to being pretty upset about it. I also have to wonder what will happen to those sites if/when the final/last/dead/end of the Board Talk is not as final/last/dead/end as it seems to be. I myself have inquired about purchasing the publication and I'm sure there are many other interested parties.

Enough babbling...please check out these pages for links to shuffleboard tournament results and the national tournament schedule presented in an attractive, orderly and timely manner:

FYI, I didn't add a forum because there was already a functioning forum at and I didn't want to step on any toes. It seems that was my mistake as my size 11s have been taking a pounding over the past two months! <g>

If you have constructive criticism, advice or would like to send me tournament results, email me at If you need help sending your report, I would be glad to help you.

If you would like to berate me and tell me off, send email to<g>


Ann Harrell
Mind like a steel trap..
Rusty and illegal in 37 states.


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13th WWW
NASC™ 2011

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