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Well, only a month until Reno. I'm a planner and a list maker and I'm way behind already! I'll be getting my suitcases out shortly and I'll be out buying those little shampoos to pack. I'll be counting shirts and pants to make sure I have enough to wear for 10 days. Maybe buying some new things, perhaps making some for the trip.

I'll be reporting "live" again from Reno. I hope to do a better job this year. Last year I was limited by the battery on my laptop being deader than a door nail and having to shut down and reboot every time I wanted to move a few feet, go to my room, or go back to the ballroom. I should also have better than dial up this time.

Do you have a story to tell? A character you'd like profiled? Look me up, I'd be glad to help!

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From James Cummings

Houston Holiday Open
finds a new home at the
Hilton Clear Lake
The Hotel, Flyer, Registration Form

December 26-31, 2006

Additions have been made to Board Talk Archive. I've scanned about 10 issues from 1998-1999. In those two years many people were inducted into state hall of fames. Many were the firsts in those hall of fames. I've extracted these pages and posted them to the individual HOF pages for each state. To that end I've added an additional drop down box on the home page of as shown above. Extracts have been added to CA, CO, IN, MO, NV and WA. The indicates a HOF extract. I will continue as time permits to post these HOF stories. If you haven't checked out the CA HOF page, click here Be sure and click the > on the music player to start the music. (My kids insisted I make it stop playing automatically)

Oh, I almost forgot the search feature I'm testing. You can find it on any page of the Board Talk Archive. Click on site map and see the files that have been indexed. Not all the files are indexed because this is the free version and is limited at this time. They've already raised my limit twice. I haven't decided to buy the service yet. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Example: Type in "Bourbon", click find and 38 articles come up. Open any of those pdf files to continue your search. I'm hoping this will be very useful to people putting together state HOF booklets.

Let me know if you need anything and I'll try to help you.

REPEAT: The October 13-14 GI's Town Tavern True Round Robin Doubles - $50 Per Team Start Friday 7 PM is on hold. Please watch the Indiana Schedule for updates.

This tournament may be canceled or rescheduled at a different venue. Or may end up being at the Town Tavern after all. Please contact Glenn and Jeri if you would like this date.

Coco Brown has suggested a new feature, a way to comment on tournaments without detracting from the official report. I have a certain way I want to do this but haven't figured out exactly how to get-er-done as yet. I'll let you know when I do. I want to add a button that says: "To comment on this article, web page, tournament,
"Click here".

The Indiana Schedule for 2006-2007:

Thanks and see you in RENO next month!

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