Monday, 9/11

Dear Shuffleboard Players,  

Hard to believe it's been 5 years since that day. I know exactly where I was. I had been laid off from Macromedia for the summer and just starting to get concerned about finding a job. I was watching the Today Show when they switched to the, at that time, small story, of a plane running into a building. I was watching as the second plane hit and the story quickly changed from a tragic accident story to an attack story. I remember calling my mom and telling her to turn on the news and then hanging up on her. I watched as people jumped to their deaths. I remember almost going to the school and getting my kids and bringing them home. I remember watching as planes were grounded all over the world. I remember watching as the towers came down.

And now, 5 years later? I still remember.

The Mid-August Wrap-up has been posted to the newsletter page. It's only 6 pages, only 5 events covered. The Labor Day Weekend tournaments will be covered in a later issue. I'm aiming to stay on top of things considering Reno is less than 50 days away!!!!

I will be putting together a condensed Reno 2005 Wrap-Up in the coming weeks that will be available before October 27th and copies will be available "at the door" in Reno 2006.

I'm adding a new section on for movie clips. Right now I just have the two, the Billy Mays clip and a new 1 minute clip from Jim Martin called, "Combo, Combo, Combo". It has to be seen to be believed.

If you have video you would like to share, either send me a clip that you have prepared, or drop a CD in the mail and I'll cut out any clip that you want. As more clips are added the format of this page may change. The link to this page is in the "Main Pages" drop down box on the far right of the home page of

September Events, Indiana and Market Street 2006-2007 Schedules posted on:

September 15-16 Journey's End Bar & GrillFall Amateur Singles and Doubles


September 15-17 321-267-6700 (Changed from 8-10) 6/23/06
Catch-A-Train 2006 Moose Lodge #1962 3264 N. US 1 Mims, Florida

September 21-24th, 2006
8th Annual Wandering the World Women's Tournament
American Legion Post #193, Louisville, KY 40212

September 22-24 3rd Annual Jack Steffensen Memorial Blue Goose & Red Dog Saloon

September 21-23, 2006 Missouri Shuffleboard HOF 3 Events

September 23-24th Kane's Club Car Saturday - Handicap Doubles Add to 3
Sunday Division I and Division II Singles

Oct. 13-14th
GI's Town Tavern True RR Doubles - $50 Per Team Start Friday 7 PM

The Indiana Schedule for 2006-2007 has been posted to:

The Market Street Cafe Schedule for 2006-2007 has been posted:

Board Talk Update

Work scanning the back Board Talk issues continues sporadically. I have added about 10 issues this weekend. So far issues have been provided by Jo Bates, Mike Koontz and Glen and Jeri Imgram. Once all those are scanned and returned I have a line on all the issues from the 80's and all the rest of the 90's.

And lastly, the complete results from the Jim Long Weekend weekend will not be posted until some time this coming weekend. Jeri Ingram is getting a new computer and will email them or will bring the sheets up when she heads to Bourbon for the Amateur Tournament at Journey's End.

September 2nd-4th, 2006 GI's Town Tavern Jim's Long Weekend of Shuffleboard shuffleboard

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