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Updated Saturday October 7, 2006 2:14 AM  

Dear Shufflers,

I received the October 2nd Board Bits™ from John McDermott chock full of information about NASC, airfares and events. Be sure to get your early registration in post marked before October 7th to avoid late fees.

The latest Board Bits™ and a two page 2005 summary of NASC 2005 can be viewed on the Newsletter page:

Bookmark RENO 2006 now. I've started creating the pages and posted a link on the home page for easy access to the tournament results as they are posted.

I've received information from Susie Halstead abut the Wandering Women's tournament and will begin posting that information and the pictures this evening.
(My day job is a big interruption in getting shuffleboard news posted).
That URL is

US and Canada Schedule:
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Indiana, some Michigan, some Tradidtional and Market Street Cafe Events Posted.
Please feel free to add Indiana Events to your calendar
but link to the flyers as they may change.

Hopefully issues concerning shufleboard events at GI's Town Tavern will be cleared up this weekend at the Bourbon Fall Doubles (PDF) and updates will be posted to the US/Canada Schedule as well as the Indiana Schedule.


The Indiana Schedule for 2006-2007:

That's it! Now I can go back to guess I'll get ready for work.

Thanks and see you in RENO next month!

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