Note: I received this email from Jeff Posthumus an hour ago and want to get this out ASAP. Please forward to family and friends as you feel appropriate.

There are a ton of State Warmup and State tournaments in the next few weeks along with Houston Holiday Warmup Tournaments. With personal donations and money raised by a few 50/50 drawings we can make this happen. Let's make this our shuffleboard holiday project! I will post this to the Newsletter section for reference.

Dear Shuffleboard Community:
I am raising funds for a little girl in Michigan who lost her home to a fire about three weeks ago. 

The story I will make brief.  I am from Michigan, but now live in LA.  I went to Michigan with my daughter in July.  Collen, my daughter, met Dawndria while vactioning there.  They got along extremely well.  Since returning to California, they have constantly kept in touch.  The problem is that Dawndria is from a very poor family.  Having nothing to start and then losing what little they have is very hard.  I am not one to get too involved with any others problems, but I feel very strongly about what has happened that I am asking anyone who can possibly help to please donate whatever they can to help this girl and her family.  Her mother is a single mother.  Losing the mobile home they lived in pushed them into a motel that the Red Cross is helping with.  I am sure anyone who knows of the practice of the Red Cross that this money will not last forever.
My goal is to raise $5000.00 for this family.  Of this, I intend to give $1000.00 to Dawndria for a shopping spree to get new clothes and school supplies as well as some toys and personal items.  I also wish to set up an account for her that she can access when she is 18.  Perhaps another $1000.00.  The remainder I want to give to the family direct to help them get on their feet.
I am asking all money be sent to me as soon as possible as I wish to get this to the family before Christmas.  I am also asking anyone that is conducting a tournament during Thanksgiving consider a 50/50 drawing to help with this cause.
In exchange for helping, we will all know we can make a difference.  This is a grass roots effort.  The only involvement of any government agency is the Shelby Michigan Fire Department that is going to have two of their officers take Dawndria shopping when I am able to get everything together.  They are wonderful people with very big hearts.
I will be matching donations from myself up to the first $1000.00 donated.
Please, if you can donate, forward any donations:

Jeff Posthumus
5532 Fernhill Cr., Apt A
Huntington Beach, CA.  92649.
Thank you all in advance, and may God bless you all, 

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