Monday, June 12, 2006

The Southwest Open Web site is up and running at The early registration deadline is fast approaching... the end of this week, June 16, 2006. Mine went out in today's snail mail.

Results are posted for the 2006 Indiana HOF tournament that was held this weekend at GI's Town Tavern in Summitville, Indiana. New HOF members are Mary Brown and Debbie Voorhis. A very few of the pictures taken have been posted at this times. More pictures will be added as time permits. There is a great picture of all the HOF members present including the 2006 Sol Lipkin Award winner, Emmett Wilcox. A story about Emmett is in the works.

I've added the Indiana HOF designs to the eshuffleboard store! Everything in the store has the 2006 design with both images to the right>,
except the clock which is the GI's logo only.

Enjoy what I've posted so far and work continues on the May Wrap-Up.
Ann Harrell
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