January 3, 2006
Now posted, the results from GI's Town Tavern Mixed Doubles tournament New Years Eve.
I've started working on the December Wrap-up as results come in.  Let me explain a bit about this. If you can view the
web page results for each tournament, you are not missing anything if you can't download and view the Wrap-up, except perhaps any opening remarks I might have. I included those in the email that I sent out so, Paul, you didn't miss anything by being on dial-up. The only other bit of news were some email/contact information updates:

Linda Steffensen

Lorraine Olson is officially retired from VTA. 
To contact her: Cell phone number (408) 505-6787  E-mail:

The purpose of the wrap-up is for those on high speed internet to print out the 10-20 pages monthly, on their own dime, and take it too the local shuffleboard establishments to share with those with no access at all. Of course, you can do this now by printing out the individual web pages, but I thought that a complete package would be nice also. It's also another way of archiving and preserving tournament results in an orderly way.
I hope those at the Houston Open enjoyed the copies that I sent down there. Thank goodness my work has a print-double-sided-and-staple printer or I'd still be printing and stapling!
Oh, in my haste to get the November Wrap-up sent out, I made an error on the back page. I guess I thought I had that new fax number memorized, but I didn't. The fax number in the November issue is wrong, it should be:          


Watch for James Cummings to update: http://www.shuffleboard.cc/ with the results from the Houston Holiday Open.
Ann Harrell
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