May 15, 2006

Dear Shufflers,

I had hoped to have the April Wrap-Up out by now but I'm still rounding up some tournament results. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to get that out. I've delayed because I want to post for the whole month, otherwise it will become difficult to keep track of what has not been reported and I'm easily I'm holding off.
In the mean time, I do have something I want to share with you. At this past Spring Tournament at the Bourbon Legion, Richard Reist from Michigan, shared some old calcutta sheets with me. I made copies to share at the tournament and scanned them into my computer to share with you on line. These can be viewed at along with all the pictures that I scanned from Larry Creakbaum. Now.. Internet Explorer will make the images fit your screen, but if you print it, it will be full sized. To view it full sized, hold your mouse over the image and a box with arrows pointing in 4 directions will appear. Click on that and the full sized image will be displayed.

These calcutta sheets are from 1994 and 1996. It's my understanding that the 1996 tournament was the largest turnout and largest payout in the history of the tournament. Unfourtunely no one present could remember who won either tournament for sure. If you know that information let me know and I'll post it along with the sheets.


You can view the flyers for these upcoming events here:

MAY 2006  
May 19-21 321-383-0053
Mims Summertime Open 2006 Fill-N-Station 2685 N. US 1 Mims, Florida
Fri. night 19th: Draws at 6PM - Sat. 20th: A/B Draw at 1PM - Sun. 21st: Bring Partner at 1PM

 May 20 GI's Town Tavern 765-536-2150 Summitville, IN 3 Person Warm Up must add to 2

May 20th 12th Annual Ladies Tournament Liz's Place St. Louis MO  
May 26-29th Kanes Club Car Michigan Open - Multiple Events  Durand, Michigan  
May 25-29 8th Annual Washita Handicap Memorial Day Full House Bar & Grill  
Wynnewood, Oklahoma Club Phone: 405-665-2715 or Gerald Wood 580-272-3115

May 26-29 Oskar's  Sport's Bar & Grill Memorial Day Shuffleboard Bellflower, CA  

May 24-29 25th Annual Memorial Day Extravaganza Season Ticket/Lucky Ticket Casino Spokane, WADan Hitt @ (509)251-7000 or (509) 483-7615
May 25-28 Memorial Open Triple Crown Sports Bar Houston, TX
May 26-29 Memorial Day & George Camera CSHOF Induction 133 Club Manteca, CA 

You might notice that the home page of looks a bit different. I'm phazing out the original logo and I'm giong with the script with the addition of two pucks, that I've used in the eNewsletter and PDF versions of the newsletter. I've implemented this change on the main pages and the Indiana pages so far and once the April Wrap-Up is done and I've finished the trophies and t-shrits for the Indiana HOF Tournament, I'll work on the others. If you're in the neighborhood, drop by GI's Town Tavern for this event, June 8th-11th, 2006.

See you at the Klub Car May 26th-29th, 2006!!
Ann Harrell
Phone: 574-342-0618 eFax: 267-327-0618
Mind like a steel trap..Rusty and illegal in 37 states.

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