Easter Sunday April 16, 2006


Kathy Yingst reports that there have been changes to the bring events.There will now only be three divisions. Pro, Div 1 (add to 3) and Div 2 (add to 6). Please use the flyer dated 4/15/06 at the bottom of the last page.
Tournament Staff: Norm Allinder, Jim Payne, Kathy Yingst, Jack Davis, Johnny Wayne Crawford


I haven't started the report for the Journey's End Amateur 1.5> yet (tired) but here are some fun facts for you about the event. We also had folks from Cincinnati, OH, Durand, MI (both 4+ hours away), a presentation and unique trophies.

Picture Gallery:

6 Boards
Approximately 46 unique players from
Indiana, Ohio and Michigan
Possible 110 games (109 played)
88 games played with no open boards
Time: 1:15PM to approx. 2:45 AM (13.5 Hrs)


I've added some new items to the eShuffleboard store and will be reorganizing and adding more this week.

This is the shirt I was wearing Friday, April 14th, 2006 when I (d'uh) forgot to sign myself up for the draw partner!!

"I may be a "3" on paper, but in my heart I'm a BIG, Phat ZERO"

 Lastly, I've taken the vacaton time off, made my hotel reservations and am now in the process of finding a ride or someone to ride with me to Del City, OK. Hope to see you there!
Ann Harrell
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