April 17, 2006

From Jack Davis, SW Open Tournament Staff to Ann Harrell.
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I just returned from Del City, OK and the Heartland Handicap.
Since I have been asked back as the auctioneer for this years SW Open I have been talking to a lot of players at other tournaments, and have heard the same concerns over and over again. The most frequent  being that the boards won't be playable because everyone thinks, as I did, that they were being kept in the "tool shed" and exposed to the harsh heat and cold changes that occur in Oklahoma year round.
I'm VERY happy to report that the new Commander of the American Legion, Norm, has much more affection for the tradition of The SW Open than anyone realized, and has put more effort into seeing that it goes off well than even I would have imagined. He has moved all of the boards into a new section of the legion hall, already in the cradles, and on moveable dollies. They are kept at a fairly consistent temperature and humidity.
We had six boards for the Handicap tournament and they all played very well. Norm has really put a lot of effort into this, and it will make for a much quicker, easier setup time, thus giving Johnny Wayne, and whomever assists, more time to adjust them.
I feel certain that the boards will be better than "just playable" and hope that this news will help players, who might otherwise have been thinking of passing on the July tournament, a good reason to reconsider.
As always, I look forward to seeing everyone who can make it.
Jack Davis

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