Momday, July 17th, 2006

Dear Shuffleboard Players:

 I have posted several issues of The Board Talk online at this time.This is presented with the permission of
Champion Shuffleboard. by These files are in PDF format and are pretty large despite my best efforts so far. I am essentially taking a picture of each page and then converting them to PDF files, trying to hold the quality of the images and keep the file sizes as small as possible, not an easy task. Each file is searchable. I will also be able to link each issue to Hall-of-Fame reports online as I will do with the Indiana and California Shuffleoboard HOF hosetd on This will happen as I run across these reports as I'm scanning each issue.

You may use these electronic files as you would your paper copies, for your own enjoyment and to print and share. You may link to The Board Talk Archive, but do not download these files and post them on your own website. Please be considerate of Champion's ownership rights in this matter.
I hope this will be useful to people creating HOF booklets and researching past tournaments. As I go through each issue I'll be trying to post a synopsis of each one as a kind of preview of each month. I currently have several boxes of old magazines provided by locals and if I should exhaust them, I'll broaden my search for back issues.
If you have any hints or tips for creating these files more efficiently and in a smaller file size please let me know. In the mean time, you can visit You can right click on each link and "Save Target As" to the place of your choosing. The drop down menu will show you how many issues have been posted and for what year. I don't have issues in each year yet so those links won't work. There are also text links at the bottom of each page.

Del City Pictures
Yes, these pictures have all been posted as of last weekend. Whew!!

New Flyers Posted
I've psoted new flyers, many of which I picked up at SW Open. In all I printed and put out for folks 17 different flyers and picked up about 6 I didn't have yet.

July 27-30 1st Annual Las Vegas Open La Piazza Best Western Bar and Restaurant 4/25/06

August 4-6th Kane's Club Car Michigan Hall of Fame - Multiple Events
Cheryl Collins HOF Friday - Frank Blade HOF Saturday - UPDATE!

August 11-13, 2006 CO.NE Head ABC Balloon Inn Arvada, CO
August 26, 2006 Shuffleboard Appreciation Day -  Journey's End Bar & Grill Bourbon, IN
$20 Mixed Doubles - $500 Min. Added Money
August 18-19 7th Annual "Ladies Only" Tournament Eagles Lodge #3911 Houston, MO
August 31-September 4 Texas Open The Post Cedar Park, TX   Don Valk TSA HOF

January 25th-27th, 2007 KC Shoot Out Bring Partner Handicap and Handicap Singles

California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame
The first and the latest CS HOF inductees have been posted. More to follow in the coming weeks.
Ann Harrell
Phone: 574-342-0618 eFax: 267-327-0618
Mind like a steel trap..
Rusty and illegal in 37 states.

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