Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dear Shuffleboard Players, lot's of website updates and tournament updates to report!

I've embedded a video link that was sent to me. This is obviously an excerpt from the HDNET TV special of the Texas Open 2005 and is the "highly skilled" demonstration by Billy Mays. or

California HOF
All the booklets that have been made available to me are now posted. Each file is 3 MB or less. Music provided by Jim Martin. Please refresh each page if you haven't been here for awhile. Many changes have been made since the last email.

Please see also the Bobby Goldsmith page complete with his own theme song and the direct link is: and this is linked from: All California HOF inductees will have their own page as time permits. I would like this to be the "Showcase" of HOF pages as an example of what other HOF sites could be like, just like their booklets are examples of what ALL HOF booklets could be like.

Remember, refresh often as I work on this in the evenings after 5 pm EST. or maybe it's CST. I'm not sure. I just know it's 3 hours different from PST :-).

FYI: If you are currently working on a HOF booklet please save in electronic format or have your printer provide you with an electronic version for posting.
Speaking of which:

We will be inducting Paul Weber into the California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame at the up coming Thanksgiving tournament at Oskar's in Bellflower, CA. Paul along with past inductee Karl Spickelmier were two of the three (the other being Joe Muniz) that promoted the very successful shuffleboard tournaments during the 1990's in the Las Vegas area. Many of you attended those tournaments and do remember what great tournaments they were.

We certainly want Paul to receive all the congrats come November and wanted to give each of you the chance to send in your tribute. You can send your tribute to me (Jim Martin) either by email or US mail to: 36832 Hidden Trail Ct, Winchester, Ca 92596.
Any questions please call me at (951) 600-1209.

Please get them in as soon as you can so we can print the programs. The dead line will be approximately October 20th.

Jim Martin
CSHOF President

Board Talk Update
I've found a way to decrease the file size. Check out the issues from 2000 at: I've sacrificed a bit of quality for speed of scanning and a decreased file size. This will still be a bit of a hardship for dial-up folks.

Here's the deal. At work, we have a scanner that can scan "double-sided booklets" and it then sends that file to my desktop at work. I have a box of Board Talks that I have been told that they don't want back. I cut the spines off these issues and feed them through the scanner. It takes about two minutes for a 40 page issue instead of 3+ hours scanning them at home, page by page. I then convert them to PDF files and make them searchable, upload, link and I'm done. I did 7 issues from 2000, all during my lunch hour on Friday. The people I have had check them say they are fine and that they would rather be able to look at them now, at this resolution,  than wait another minute (or year) to see them.

Further on down the line, or at your request, if you would like a page with pictures re-scanned, I will do that and then incorporate that page into the already created PDF file at a higher resolution or make it available separately.

Currently each issue is searchable by its self. Just let it finish downloading before you start to search. My goal is for you to be able to search ALL the issues at once. For instance, if you are doing a story on "Darrol Nelson", I hope you can search all the PDF files and find every instance of when his name was mentioned in The Board Talk. Glorious for researching HOF booklets!!!

FYI, if you have old Board Talks and are close by to me or will be at the Michigan HOF, don't throw them out! I'll take them off your hands. If you want them back, I can scan them using the same method only not cut the spines off. I'd just have to scan each page and send that way.

Also, if you would like to help me with the Synopsis of each issue that would be great. Just look through them and email it to me... Thanks!

Upcoming Events and Flyer Updates

July 27-30 1st Annual Las Vegas Open La Piazza Best Western Bar and Restaurant 4/25/06

August 4-6th Kane's Club Car Michigan Hall of Fame - Multiple Events
Cheryl Collins HOF Friday - Frank Blade HOF Saturday

August 11-13, 2006 CO.NE Head ABC Balloon Inn Arvada, CO

August 18-19 7th Annual "Ladies Only" Tournament Eagles Lodge #3911 Houston, MO

August 26, 2006 Shuffleboard Appreciation Day -  Journey's End Bar & Grill Bourbon, IN
$20 Mixed Doubles - $500 Min. Added Money
August 31-September 4 Texas Open The Post Cedar Park, TX   Don Valk TSA HOF
August 31-September 4 2006 Rural American Labor Day Weekend and Art Elliff HOF Induction

September 2nd-4th, 2006 GI's Town Tavern Presents Jim's "Long Weekend" of Shuffleboard
Saturday 3 Person Draft, Sunday Singles, Monday Open Doubles


That's it for now. I'll continue adding the CA HOF pages in the evenings and scanning Board Talks at lunch.

Ann Harrell
Phone: 574-342-0618 eFax: 267-327-0618
Mind like a steel trap..
Rusty and illegal in 37 states.

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