™ October 2, 2005 Volume 5, Number 4

16'th Annual NASC™ update:

The biggest tournament of the year is just four weeks away. With registration running slightly ahead of last year, which set new prize money records for the NASC™, this will be another great year for the Tournament. The Sands will once again be donating personalized name tags for weights cases. In order to give them time to prepare them, please send in your registration by the early registration date, which is October 8th. Entries sent after that date are subject to a penalty of $5 for registration and $5 per event. If you have never been to the NASC™, there has never been a better time to find out why, over the past ten years, more players have attended the NASC than any other tournament.

We appreciate the strong turnout from Texas which helped get us off to such a good start. The East Coast has another good turnout and the heart and soul of the tournament, the West Coast and Arizona are well represented, as usual. In addition to many of our regulars, who attend every year, we also have a good number of first timers, as well as quite a few players who have not been to the NASC in a few years. Put it all together and this looks to be another be another record setting event in Reno.

The Tournament web site,, has recently been updated. If you have not yet registered, you may do so online and pay for your events with a credit card by clicking Online Registration. All of the tournament merchandise is now available for pre ordering. Place your order for Short Sleeve T-Shirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Pocket T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and Co-Sponsor Shirts online and you pick up your items when you arrive at the Tournament.

Just a reminder, if you want to play in the Four Person Team Event, but do not have a team, please check the box on the registration form that indicates you would like to be on a team. If you already have a team, and you are the team captain, please fill out the roster section with the names of your team mates.

This year's special guests include Sol Lipkin, who will be on hand to present the Sol Lipkin award to Al Salazar of Phoenix, Arizona. The presentation will take place on the evening of Friday, November 4, prior to the Tournament's 16th anniversary party. Festivities will include free food and a two hour open bar, compliments of the Sands Regency and The Shuffleboard Federation. Many of you who have attended the tournament before have seen Sol's famous pictures of the shuffleboard table which American Shuffleboard installed in the Polaris class submarine, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, in the early 1960's. I have been in contact with some of the sailors who were on the ship during that time, including a few who played in the famed underwater tournament. They have been invited to the NASC™ and will hopefully be in attendance to help Sol tell the story.

If you have not yet made your reservations, there are still lots of great room and airfare packages available. Despite rising fuel prices, airfare is not much higher than last year. Listed below are some examples of pricing on 10 night, 6 night and 4 night packages. If you need any help finding a good deal on a flight or a room and airfare package, please give us a call at 800-380-3033.

Current Room & Airfare Packages
(per person, double occupancy)

 Origin 10 Nights 6 Nights 4 Nights
 Austin From $410 From $330 From $280
 Baltimore From $404 From $326 From $270
 Dallas From $389 From $328 From $280
 Denver From $403 From $297 From $259
 Detroit From $408 From $336 From $315
 Fort Wayne From $416 From $338 From $297
 Houston From $405 From $326 From $276
 Indianapolis From $408 From $331 From $299
 Little Rock From $410 From $333 From $302
 Los Angeles From $324 From $256 From $219
 Oklahoma City From $408 From $329 From $279
 Omaha From $413 From $310 From $276
 Philadelphia From $445 From $331 From $280
 Phoenix From $387 From $297 From $244
 Portland From $331 From $265 From $217
 Saint Louis From $368 From $291 From $258
 San Antonio From $372 From $307 From $276
 Seattle/Tacoma From $336 From $241 From $202
 Spokane From $377 From $293 From $262
 Tulsa From $367 From $306 From $274

The airline which has traditionally had the best packages is American Airlines. To get a quote, visit America West has also had some great fares, their web site is Other recommended travel web sites are:, Yahoo Travel,, Southwest and, which is an outstanding place to find last minute deals.

Co-Sponsors are always an important part of the NASC. There are five Co-Sponsorship levels, Bronze ($250), Silver ($500), Gold ($750), Platinum ($1,000) and Diamond ($2,000). All Co-Sponsors names will be prominently displayed in the tournament area. They will also receive a laser engraved appreciation plaque, similar to the ones given to the 1st and 2nd place finishers in each event at the Tournament. Additionally, Bronze Level Co-Sponsors will receive a beautifully embroidered Co-Sponsor Shirt; Silver Level Co-Sponsors will receive an embroidered Co-Sponsor Jacket; Gold Level Co-Sponsors will receive a Co-Sponsor Shirt and Jacket. Platinum Level Co-Sponsors will receive a Co-Sponsor Shirt and Jacket, two seats at the head table for the awards ceremony on Friday night and will have their picture taken with Sol Lipkin, who will personally sign the photo. Diamond Level Co-Sponsors will receive everything that the Platinum Co-Sponsors receive, plus a second Co-Sponsor Shirt and Jacket. They will also receive complimentary dinner for two with tournament staff and Sol Lipkin and their room will be upgraded to a Jacuzzi Suite at no additional charge.

To print Tournament forms and information, please use the following links: Registration Form, Schedule of Events, and General Information. If you need help making air or hotel reservations, or have any questions about the tournament, please call The Shuffleboard Federation at 800-380-3033.

John McDermott, Tournament Director