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August 4-7, 2005
Grand Masters Plus (Multi-Event)
Whistling Oyster Bar

Quilcene, Washington

Wednesday August 10, 2005 9:44 PM
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Results provided by: Bill & Sandee

Thursday, August 4th, 2005

Note: Darrol Nelson drew Mike Redinger and went through some tough teams for a 1st place win. By the way, Mike plays from a wheelchair, but don't think that interfered in his shooting ability. The only thing we need was more room. Fine playing people!

Mike Redinger & Darrol Nelson

1st A/B Draw

1st Darryl Nelson & Mike Redinger
2nd Larry Sawyer & John McGinnis
3rd Frank Mako & Bill Walker

2nd A/B Draw

Split - Mike Waters & Jake Jacob
Split - Gary George & Frank Mako

3rd Rick Shaw & Judy George

Friday, August 5th, 2005

This at one time was called easy money on all our tables because any two players could dominate any boards all evening. We were the first to start teh Friday night draws, to open up the tables. We have had success ever since 1991 as well as all other Washington tournaments.

This Friday night was pretty smooth, once we figured out the A/B. We were able to end at 12:45 am. Everyone was rested up for Saturday. Thanks go to Eddy and Joe.

A/B Draw

1st Carl Rousch & Frank Mako
2nd Mike Waters& Judy George
3rd Clark Kenny & Alvin Orcutt

Grand Masters
Aug. 6-7, 2005

1st Darrol Nelson & Mike Waters
2nd Don Mitchell & Les Burt
3rd Al Pease & Alvin Orcutt
4th Bill Walker & Jim Watson

Daja vu all over again

This part of the tournament could almost be Deja vu. Darrol Nelson and his partner, Mike Walters never faltered from start to finish, in a field of tough players. Darrol has won the doubles 9 years out of 15 years here (with 5 different partners).

A great time was had by all, the motel and hotel and park were full. The jungle was full also (and quiet). Thank you!

The Weekend Participants

Larry Sawyer - WA
John McGinnis - CA
Clark Kenney - WA
Clara Kenney - WA
Joe Smith - WA
John Martin - WA
Jake Jacob - British Columbia Canada
Mike Waters - WA
John Fulton - WA
Gary George - WA

Jeff Kersting - WA
Don Mitchell - WA
Darrol Nelson - OR
Judy George - WA
Les Burt - WA
Carl Rousch - WA


Al Pease - WA
Eddy Brayman - CA
Lorraine Olson CA
Mel Hohn - WA
Jeannette Hohn - WA
Jeff Young - WA
Bill Walker - WA
Jim Watson - WA
Alvin Orcutt - WA
Tommy Campbell - WA
Rick Shaw - WA
Frank Mako - WA
Jim Tribble - WA
Bob VonBargen - WA
Marv Wilbur - WA
Fred Johns - WA
Rick Gindt - WA
Mike Redinger - OR

Thanks to Clark Kenny and Don Mitchell for the sales. Thanks to Sandee, Ruby and Linda for all the help with the food that we had Saturday and Sunday.

Also thanks go out to players and spectators. No complaining, no whining. This makes our jobs easier. Love you all and hope to see you next year, August 4-6, 2006.

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