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November 12-13, 2005
Mixed Tournament
Fir Cone Tavern
Shelton, Washington

Ernie’s Fir Cone
Mixed Doubles
12 & 13 November, 2005
By Dwayne Dibley

Logic tells us that the very weekend after a record turn out at the NASC in Reno would not be a good time to hold a tournament. However, Ernie’s Fir Cone has a history of doing what appears on the surface as a bad idea. Why mess with history? Why mess with success? The 20th Annual Mixed Doubles at Ernie’s Fir Cone was just that, a historical success.

While all tournament at Ernie’s Fir Cone are a success, regardless of when they are held, there is a historical mystery that plagues all these tournaments. Why do the boards mysterically change prior to every tournament? Explanations range from the strange to the bazaar; The tide is out or in, the weather changed, board pixies, aliens, and yes, even big foot. Well, this year we solved the mystery. Why we even caught this phenomenon on film. (click for even larger image)

Any questions? As with all rural legends, the picture is a little fuzzy. But, if you look close you’ll see Northwest Hall of Famer Dick Doak with a 4 foot tall open end wrench he calls the “tweaker”.

Friday night A-B Draws have been a favorite event at Ernie’s Fir Cone with the locals since the start of the rating system. That’s because, more often that not, a local wins this event. This year was no exception, Ernie’s Fir Cone local Joe Smith carried Mel Hohn to first place in this single elimination draw.

Not only do locals usually win the Friday night Draws, they fare well in the main events as well. This year 5 of the 6 people in the top three places were locals. The 2005 Ernie’s Fir Cone Mixed Doubles Champions are Paulette McKenney and Loren Lampley. Yes, both locals.

Paulette, back form numerous victories at Reno and Loren fresh out of retirement beat Michelle Foran and local Dick Doak in the finals. Third place went to new player Penny Jorgensen and old timer Carl Roush.

And, fourth place went to the team of Clark and Claire Kenney.

The next tournament at Ernie’s Fir Cone is the 27th Annual Masters on 25 - 26 February, 2006. For more information on this or any other tournament at Ernie’s Fir Cone call Ernie at (360) 426-2221.

1st Paulette McKenney and Loren Lampley
2nd Michelle Foran & Dick Doak
3rd Carl Roush & Penny Jorgensen
4th Clark and Claire Kenney

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