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September 23-25, 2005
2nd Annual Jack Steffensen Memorial Tournament
Mudd Bay, Washington
- Reported By: Linda Steffensen
Saturday November 19, 2005 8:38 PM

How can I say thank you in a way that really expresses how I feel? It just doesn't come close to saying it all; but thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

What an awesome turnout we had on what turned out to be the perfect week-end weather wise... Friday night; I believe we had 38 teams with Mike Waters and Rob Heidal taking first place honors away from Mel
Hohn and Linda Steffensen; I might add they loved every minute of it.. Nice going guys!!!!!!

The celebration of the sportsmanship award given to Mary-Jane Gibson in honor of Jerry Gibson was flawless...We had many speakers who shared their special stories involving Jerry and very touching songs from
Joannie; that brought more than just a few people to tears.

Thanks to all the people that brought in food to the pot-luck it was the best one ever!!!!!!!! It will just be so hard to top it next year but we will all try.

Clark Kenny was the tourney director for the whole week-end with 3 assistances so everything ran very smoothly.. As I told Clark I couldn't have done it without him running it. Thanks Mel for keeping tabs on Clark and being his right arm. lol!!!! Thanks to Ted, Vickie and Jimmy for all your assistance and support. Good job on the calcutta; Jim Foran, Mitch and Mel... Thanks to Clara and Jeanette, for helping on Friday night also. Hope I haven't missed anyone...

Division I Doubles
1st: Darrol Nelson & Les Burt
2nd: Jim Tribble & Don MItchell
3rd: Rick Gindt & Gordie Smith
4th: Dan Hitt & Johnny Rostollan
Division II Doubles
1st: Kathy Keevil & Jeanette Hohn
2nd: Frank Mako & Joe Smith
3rd: Mario Brione & Joe Paszkowski

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