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2012 PNW Regionals
Shelton Elks Lodge
Shelton, WA
Divison 1 Singles  
1st Darrol Nelson,
2nd Grant Manning,
3rd Glenn Redding   

Divison 2 Singles  
1st Kevin Ansbro,
2nd Gary Dupont,
3rd Aaron Nelson     

Divison 1 Doubles  
1st Vern Gonzales & Grant Manning,
2nd Joe Paszkowski & Mario Briones,
3rd Jeff Mercer & Mike Waters  

Divison 2 Doubles   
1st Kevin Ansbro & Aaron Nelson 
2nd Gary Dupont & Ryan Strayer 
3rd Bill Walker & Linda Walker

SUBJECT:  Pacific Northwest Regional Shuffleboard Tournament - 2012
FROM:        Grant Manning

            A big howdy out there to all you folks in the shuffleboard community.  I’m jest reportin’ on the PNW Regional Tournament held in Shelton, WA this year over Memorial Day weekend.  Right outta the gate I gotta tell y’all that it was a great set-up fer a shuffleboard venue,  held at the Shelton Elks Lodge.  Doin’ this for the first time ever,  these Elks had no idea about what was goin’ to happen over  the course of five days of shuffleboard from start to finish, includin’ practice time.  All volunteers, these fine folks went outta their way cookin’ for days before, servin’ great food, doin’ whatever they could  to accommodate a buncha rowdy shuffleboard players, and findin’ out what this great game is all about.  I believe it was a grand success.  The Elks people were happier than a tick on a warm tom cat and have already stated that they would love to continue this event in the future.  I do believe, also, that the players felt that this was a heck of a site for this tournament.  All that I have talked to have voiced pretty much the same sentiments.


  1. 5 boards with lots of room in one playin’ area
  2. Food and drink available at all times
  3. 5 acre campground, more than 20 full hook-up with firepit sites in an all grass, secluded, park-like atmosphere.
  4. Beverages OK to have inside OR outside anywhere on Elks property.
  5. Olympic shuffleboards provided by Vern Gonzales, while challenging, played great!

Littlecreek  Casino less than 5 minutes from the lodge.

THE BAD (only one)

  1. The economy…the economy…the economy

            One little ol’ thing I’d jest like ta mention, and that’s a special note of gratitude to those folks who came a long way to participate in this tournament -- several players from Oregon and from Canada.  Knowin’ that travelin’ right now is mighty spendy, I’d jest like to give a great big THANK YOU to all that took the time and expense to help make this PNW tournament a success.  A big ol’ thanks also go to Vern Gonzales and Mel Hohn fer runnin’ the show.  I’m jest hopin’ next year will bring better economic times and that folks out there who couldn’t attend will be able to participate in a truly excellent venue for this game.
            Lastly, I know there has been talk about the PNW tournament location in the future, and I surely hope those deciders out there talk to those who attended this year to find out just how awesome this Elks facility, the campground, playin’ condition of the boards, and over-all atmosphere for conducting a quality tournament of this magnitude can be.  Olympic Shuffleboard has also stated that if continued at this location the number of boards in play will increase to six or seven for next year.  I end this with my own only negative for the tournament.  Darrol beat me like a rented mule in the singles finals.  It took me a week to recover.  That, That, That’s all, folks.


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