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Joe Smith Memorial Tournament
A-B Draw Oct. 1st & 2nd 2011
Block House Pub, Shelton, WA


Shuffleboard in the Pacific Northwest is almost a family affair.  Not only are the players best friends with each other, in many cases they are their only friends.  How many of us only know other shufflers?  That is what makes it such a tragedy when we loose a player, a friend, a family member.

Joe Smith was a member of our family and one of those unique individual that had his own style that endeared him to everyone.  I miss Joe from time to time, but I can still see him in my memory, big cigar, even bigger smile, and a real love for the game, playing, practicing, or just watching.  When Joe and Jeff Mercer won the Division II Doubles at the PNSE at the Little Creek Casino you have never such happiness.

Joe, take care of those boards in heaven and save us a game when we get there.  I just know that by the time we get there Joe will have all the boards in heaven figured out and be tough as hell to beat.  As for this weekend he was probably watching and smiling as Clare Kenney and Mike Gosslen won first place against Nels Anderson and Linda Walker, while Bill Walker and Mel Hohn settled for third.


By Dwayne Dibbley, good friend to Joe Smith and Jimmy Hoffa



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