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Updated Thursday September 17, 2009 6:54 PM
1st Annual F.O.F Fall Classic
Frankie’s Sports Pub Olympia, WA
Sept 3 – 7, 2009
By Dwayne Dibley

Putting together a large tournament with five deferent events can be an arduous task.  It is especially tough when done on short notice.  Frank Mako is the architect of the 1st Annual F.O.F Fall Classic and we are all sure that he spent many sleepless nights working out the details.  But, Frank is a shuffleboard veteran and knows that with the right people and proper support from sponsors and players the task becomes somewhat easier.  It is also easier to run a multiple event tournament if you get Clark Kenney to run the brackets.

 Frank and Cheri Schnars, owners of Frankie’s, proved to be great sponsors and promoters of the game.  They committed to getting the necessary boards, providing an area that was a great venue for shuffleboard, and just creating a great environment for the 1st Annual F.O.F Fall Classic.

Event number two was an A-B-C Draw: The first event was an Open Draw:   
First and second place split in the finals. 1st Place: Claire Kenney & Mel Hohn
Fred Johns – Alvin Orcutt – Dan Bijold (WB) 2nd Place: Frank Mako & Dino Mako
Claire Kenney – Don Stallsworth – Michelle Foran 3rd Place: Grant Manning & Alvin Orcut
3rd  Mike Waters – Dino Mako – Bob Vonbargin
4th Place: Mike Waters & Jeff Mercer
4th Mel Hohn – Jeanette Hohn – Mike Jewett

The final event was a 1 through 4 rating Singles The third event was an Open Doubles:
1st Place: Bill Rinskers 1st. Place: Claire Kenney & Mel Hohn  
2nd Place: Mike Jewett
2nd Place: Frank Mako & Alvin Orcutt
3rd Place: Gary DuPont 3rd. Ken Simmons & Tom Campbell

The next tournament at Frankie’s will be the Washington State Tournament 1st through 3rd October 2009.

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