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Shuffleboard friends & family,

I would like to thank all you shufflers who made the 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Shuffleboard Extravaganza held at the Little Creek Casino & Resort on May 21-26th a huge success. I also would like to thank all the people who offered their help to make it happen. With out their help it could not have been pulled off. There were 132 (up from 117 last year) registered players who played in some if not all 9 events held.

I have to admit there were some concerns on my part about attendance, due to the current economic conditions of our great country. I truly hope that those conditions will get better for the 2009 tournament coming up. This is a must see and experience venue that we have at Little Creek Casino & Resort. I promise that you will hear all about it from the people that were there. I also promise that the tournament will be bigger and better for next year.

For those of you, who have any suggestions to make the tournament better for all the players, please feel
free to send me an e-mail at OLYMPICSHUFF@COMCAST.NET

Sincerely, Vern Gonzales
Event 1 6-Person Draft Team - 15 Teams Event 6 4-Person Bring Team - 11 Teams
1st Mike Waters, Rick Shaw, Don Stallsworth, Jim Watson, Susan Clark, and Dwayne Maxwell

2nd Rick Gindt, Mario Briones, and Joe Paszkowski, Michelle Foran, Jane Redinger, and Randy Storjeoff

3rd Frank Mako, Grant Manning, Norm McVeigh, Carisa LeDoux, Lydia Briones, and Georganna Brand
1st Al Hudson, Brandon Glasscock, and
Katie Glasscock, Megan Bolla

2nd Linda Churchman, Terry Leahy,
Dwayne Maxwell, and Dennis Bredvik

3rd Mike Strayer, Ryan Strayer,
Rich Schneider, and Bob Von Bargen

Event 2 Singles Div. A - 10 Players Event 7 Bring Partner - Div. A - 11 Teams
1st Darrol Nelson
2nd Dave Keithahn
3rd Larry Sawyer
1st Nick Chaffin & Robert Crum
2nd Dave Keithahn & Frank Mako
3rd Darrol Nelson & Claire Kenney
Event 3 Singles Div. B - 22 Players Event 8 Bring Partner - Div. B - 17 Teams
1st Jim Nicoll
2nd Justin Kasa
3rd Cindy Clark
4th Joe Paszkowski
1st Billy Powell & Jeff Mercer
2nd Mario Briones & Joe Paszkowski
3rd Cindy Clark & Lewis Bailey
Event 4 Singles Div. C - 31 Players Event 9 Bring Partner - Div. C - 19 Teams
1st Ken Griggs
2nd John Thames
3rd Carisa LeDoux
4th Bob Hurst
5th/6th Dwayne Maxwell & Rich Schneider
1st Terry Leahy & Dwayne Maxwell
2nd Norm McVeigh & Linda Walker
3rd Linda Churchman & Manny Canada
4th Harry Oda & Ken Griggs
Event 5 4-Person Bring - Add to 1 - 9 Teams
1st Ken Simmons, Frank Mako, and
Tom Campbell, Jeff Mercer

2nd Rick Gindt, Marv Wilbur, and
Mario Briones, Joe Paszkowski



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