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Ernie's Fir Cone Tavern
Sept. 29, 2007 Ernie's Fircone Mixed July 2007
Ernie’s Fir Cone Bar & Grill
114 W Cota Shelton, Wa 360-426-2221
Joe Smith Memorial
Pea Round
By Dwayne Dibley

            One day at the Fir Cone a guy walked in and started throwing weights.  He introduced himself to Mel Hohn as Joe Smith.  Mel’s immediate reaction was to introduce himself as Bob Jones.  Come on, in a small obscure town in Western Washington you meet a guy named Joe Smith.  That sounds like an alias’s, for all Mel knew this could be Jimmy Hoffa.  It turns out that Jimmy Hoffa was really Joe Smith, and that became a running joke between the two for years. 

Joe played shuffleboard for over 40 years, but only played at Ernie’s Fir Cone for the past four years.  It is amazing how many friends Joe made in such a short time, and how many lives he touched.  Joe loved the fact that shuffleboard is family, and that showed in how many people showed up to pay tribute to this wonderful man.

Since Joe played at the Ernie’s Fir Cone it was the natural choice for Western Washington Shufflers to gather and remember the man loving known as “Big Daddy”.  Joe loved shuffleboard would be happy to know that the game was being played as a tribute to him. When the pea round ended, Joe Paszkowski and Jeff Mercer were the Champions.  This was fitting because Jeff Mercer and Joe Smith won the last tournament that Joe played in at the Little Creek Casino.

Joe Smith Pea Round Winners



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