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BZ's Bar & Grill
Reported by Paul Roush
I am excited to report this last weekend was a huge success, we had 22 players, 11 teams, for Friday nights A/B Draw & 39 players, 13 teams for Saturdays A/B/C Bring Your Own Team main event, with 15 players entering the Laggin' Fours' contest. It was awesome, yes I said awesome, and oh yea, I'll say it one last time...awesome.

We had folks from the noon hour Friday till the eight oclock hour of Sunday  night. Lots. The overall energy in the place was positive the whole weekend, with people watching every match, cheering, hooting, and hollaring. With this kind of support I can see the future players staying involved and keeping the game alive. The likes of Mike Waters, Nels Anderson, Mel Hohn, Dave Forbes, Clara Kenney, Gary George, Tommy Campbell, Jeff Keirsting, and many more, all called out a C player to join them in this event, the C's rocked, they played the game,  they made the game.

1st Gary George/Jeanette Hohn 1st Mel Hohn/Jeanette Hohn/Geri Zonca
2nd Nels Anderson/Art Thompson 2nd Mike Waters/Carolyn Floyd/Butch Zonca
3rd Mel Hohn/Judy George 3rd Nels Anderson/Mike Strayer/Rich Schneider
4th Jeff Keirsting/Paul Roush 4th Dave Forbes/Bill Walker/Helen Bryant


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