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Champion Open 2005 April 2-10, 2005
VFW Post 5076, Garland, Texas
Results Submitted by: Jeri Williams

Saturday November 19, 2005 8:33 PM
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Jeri Williams wishes to thank the following people:

Johnny Wayne Crawford for adjusting the boards. They were fantastic!

Rob Kern for doing the bracket boards.

Greg Hixson, CW Walker, Jeff Womble, Bobby Wright, David Williams Jr., Jim Payne, Drew Willingham, Eddie Woods, and Mark Steelman for helping set up the boards.

Linda Nobles and Sally Phillips for all their work at the registration desk.
Mickey Moy for running the round robins.

Steve Burkett for taking care of the dust.
Jack Davis, Harvey Kidd, and Gerald Wood for running the auctions.
Glen Tubbs, John Williamson and Rick Stocker for volunteering to help clean the boards.

Champion Shuffleboard for the tables and dust.
Shuffleboard Federation for donating a set of weights.
Triple Crown for donating a set of weights.
Mike and Susie Halstead for donating a planter.
Jim French for donating a shuffleboard pendant.


1st Place Team:
Brian Walker
Doug Paben
Tammy Morgan
Lilly Kidd
Rudy Wedgeworth
Jean Roper

2nd Place Team:
Bill Melton
Patrick Linville
Barbara Crum
Cliff Visel
Penny Meharg
Gary Vaughn

3rd Place Team:
Davis Williams Jr
ET Jenson
Mike Blohm
Herb McClain
Angie Moore
Darlene Springob

(2 Divisions) WINNERS
: (Events 2 & 3)

AB Draw (Div I): 
1st:  Bill Melton & Steve Burkett

2nd: Billy Mays & Jeri Williams
3rd:  Diana Hagen & Linda Nobles

AB Draw (Div II): 
1st: Mike Renick & Glen Tubbs

2nd: Richard Pisarski & Herb McClain
3rd: Tom Coburn & John Williamson

(Events 4, 5, 6)

Singles Pro Div):
1st:   David Williams Jr

2nd:  John McDermott
3rd:  Johnny Wayne Crawford
4th:   Bobby Voorhis

Singles (Div I):
1st:  Bob Crum

2nd: Dwayne Neilson
3rd: Don Baber

4th: Jim Kosiski

Singles (Div II):
1st:  Sandy Tubbs

2nd: Glen Tubbs
3rd: Daniel Chapman
4th: Barbara Crum

BRING PARTNER (3 Divisions) WINNERS: (Events 7, 8, 9)

Bring Partner (Pro Div.):
1st:   Bill Melton & Jim Payne

2nd:  Bobby Voohris & Brian Walker
3rd:  Billy Mays & Greg Hixson

Bring Partner (Div I):
1st: Sally Phillips – Mickey Moy

2nd: Doug Paben – Mike Regan
3rd: Linda Nobles – Lorraine Olson

Bring Partner (Div II):
1st: Bruce Childers – Cynthia Calderon

2nd: Kay Nelson – Robert Hoffman
3rd: Lee Boyajian – Tommy Vaselo

4-PERSON BRING TEAM (2 Divisions) WINNERS: (Events 10 & 11)

4-Person Bring Team (Pro Div): 

1st: David Williams Sr., David Williams Jr,
Sallly Phillips, Patrick Linville

2nd: Bill Melton, Jeff Womble,
Tony Pelton, Mark Gray

3rd: Bobby Williams, Jeri Williams,
Bobby Wright, Gerald Wood

4-Person Bring Team (Div I): 

Don Roper, Jean Roper
Evelyn Harris, James Morgan

Bill Wooldridge, Jack Davis,
George Leigh, Robert Hoffman

Bob Crum, Barbara Crum,
Pam Lee, Lilly Kidd




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