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36 teams ( 72 players )
1st place Lilly Kidd & Melissa Valerde
2nd place Thomas Schwenk & Angie Snyder
3rd place Tyler Tyrrel & Fred Sitton
4th place Holly Kofod & Christine Mahaffey
5th place Casey Ables & Pam Casey Ables
6th place John Canino & Jaton Mitchell
7th place Larry Nance & Nyna Christiansen
8th place Ryan Pearson & Josie Henley

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39 Teams ( 78 players )
1st place Casey Ables & Thomas Schwaenk
2nd place Jerize Cerlone & Theresa Rodriguez
3rd place Melody Baca & Dawn Alvesion
4th place Ryan Person & Vernon Greener
5th-6th place tied Becky Foster & Debbie Sexton
5th-6th place tied Warren Goldsmith & Nyna Christiansen
7th-8th place tied Brad Denton & Jeff Vise
7th-8th place tied Gary Mahaffey & Shaun Haggard

ABC Draw
14 Teams ( 42 players )
1st place Warren Goldsmith, Shaun Haggard and Wesley Post
2nd place Cliff Visel, Casy Ables and Bita Gilliam
3rd place Thomas Schawenk, Robert Bearbower and Lisa Ohmes


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