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129 E. Harwood Dr. Hurst, TX 76054 Phone: 817-498-0990
Williams - Melton President's Day
25 Year Reunion

February 11-15, 2010

Division I AB Draw - 18 Teams Division II AB Draw - 19 Teams

1st  Mahlon Nobles - Ronnie Gamble
2nd  Doug Paben - Dave Ramold
3rd  Brenda Williams - Roger Holiway

1st  Amanda Williams-Becky Foster
2nd Della Greener-Sandy Tubbs
3rd Joyce Gamble-T J Schwenk
4th Dwayne Williams-Tom Yates
4 Person Draft - 26 Teams

1st David Jr, Jason Oberding, Jerry Beard, Jen Long
2nd Bobby Voorhis, Gerard Wood, Gary Stephenson, Paul Clark
3rd Tony Appel, Rudy Wedgeworth, Gary McHaffey, Dixie Morris
4th Rena Fleming, Roger Holloway, Ray Evatt, Jim Lynch
5th Linda Nobles, Sandy Tubbs, Jerzie Cerione, Marilyn
6th Diana Hagen, E T Jenson, Ken Teague, Laurie Davis 

Pro Singles - 20 Division I Singles - 35
1st Bobby Voorhis
2nd David Williams Sr.
3rd Tony Appel
4th Brenda Williams
1st John Canino
2nd Tommy McBurnett
3rd Jason Olberding
4th Angie Paben
5th Raminder Rai
6th Patrick Linville
Division II Singles - 42 Pro Doubles - 19 Teams
1st Terry Hixon
2nd Amanda Williams
3rd Stan Atteberry
4th TJ Schwenk
5th Christine McHaffey
6th Tony Whitehead
1st Diana Hagen and Roger Holloway
2nd Jeri Williams and Doug Paben
3rd Gary Nelson and Greg Hixon
4th Jim Payne and Jason Olberding
Doubles Add to 4 - 15 Teams Doubles Add to 6 - 14 Teams
1st Bill Nichols and Stuart McBurnett
2nd Debbie Sexton and Chris Briggs
3rd David Sexton and Roland Valverde
1st Stan Atteberry and Adam Chitzasan
2nd Harold Hyman and Lonnie
3rd Gerry King and Melody Baca


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