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Texas Open 2010 – A Terrific Turnout

Held at The Post, Cedar Park Texas
September 1st thru September 6th

September 1 – September 6, 2010:  The Post in Cedar Park, Texas hosted the annual Texas Open and had a terrific turnout with players coming in from all over the U.S. with RV’s in the back parking area and local lodging within one mile of The Post housing the many players than attended this year.

Ronnie & Dee McMellon did a great job in organizing the event and making sure the tournament staff had all that was needed for a successful tournament.  The Post extends a special thank you to all of the tournament staff, Post staff and players for making this year’s Texas Open a great success.  Registered players reached 125 with attendees from all over the US.   In addition, The Post had as many supporters who came to the events as there were players who participated in the events making this year’s event one of the largest in Texas Open history.  

Texas Open 2010 Highlights:

Tournament staff included:
Tournament Directors: Holly Nance & Brian Walker
Registration Desk: Holly Nance, Sallie White, Connie Culver, Connie Sitton.
Pictures and plaques: Holly Kofod
Brackets boards and weight calls:  Brian Walker
Sponsor sales: Harvey Kidd
Spotters:  Neil Rodrigue & Ronnie McMahan Jr.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire tournament was provided by Wanda Knox
Board Set-up and Break-down: Ronnie McMellon and Rick McFarland

Billy Mays donated a set of American Weights and sold tickets for $5 each or 5 for $20.  All proceeds went to the Hall of Fame.  Weights were won by Holly Nance.

Event 1 – A/B Draw Division 1 (-1 thru 1) – 10 Teams/20 Players
1st – Alex Bagdikian & Debbie Sexton – sponsor Travis Ward
2nd – James Cummings & Phil Railsback – sponsor Craig White
3rd – Mike Taylor & Raminder Rai – sponsor Craig White

Event 2 – A/B Draw Division II ( 2’s thru 4’s) – 25 Teams/50 Players
1st – Stan Atteberry & Jim Chapman – sponsor Becky Foster
2nd – Gary Mahaffey & Thomas Schwenk – sponsor Craig White
3rd – Ron McMahan Jr. & Jamie Kujawc – sponsor Craig White
4th – Neil Rodrigue & Chris Busceme – sponsor Johnny Ballard

Event 3 – 4 Man Draft – 23 Teams/92 Players
1st – Mike Taylor, Holly Kofod, Missy Van Hecke & Sherry Miller – sponsor Craig White
2nd – Billy Mays, Becky Foster, Harold Carter & Cheryl Moy – sponsor Holly Nance
3rd – Rick Gindt, Amanda Williams, Roland Valverde & Rob Weaver – sponsor Travis Ward
4th – David Williams Jr., Jimmy Galvez, Holly Nance & Cathy Cummingham – sponsor Craig White

Event 4 – Pro Singles (-1’s thru 1’s) - 13 Players
1st – Mike Taylor – sponsor Craig White
2nd – Billy Mays – sponsor Holly Nance
3rd – Kelly Cameron – sponsor Chris Kircher

Event 5 – Singles Div. II (1’s, 2’s & 3’s) – 27 Players
1st – Bobby Dean – sponsor Craig White
2nd – Mike Boulanger – sponsor David Sexton
3rd – Mo Hassan – sponsor Craig White
4th – Doug Morgan – sponsor Johnny Ballard

Event 6 – Singles Div III (3’s & 4’s) – 29 Players
1st – Chris Busceme – sponsor Mike Taylor
2nd – Thomas Schwenk – sponsor Mike Taylor
3rd – Chris Kircher – sponsor Chris Briggs
4th – Bill Harman – sponsor Holly Nance

Event 7 – Bring Partner Div I – (Add to 0) – 11 Teams/22 Players
1st – Alex Bagdikian & Wayne Hammond – sponsored themselves
2nd – David Williams Sr. & Angie Paben – sponsor Billy Mays
3rd – Rick Gindt & Phil Railsback – sponsor Chris Briggs

Event 8 – Bring Partner Div II (Add to 3) – 23 Teams/46 Players
1st – Larry Ables & Becky Foster – sponsor Anita Bloodworth
2nd – Bobby Dean & Neil Rodrigue – sponsor Chris Kircher
3rd – Bobby Lopez & Pat Gainey – sponsored themselves
4th – David Sexton & Ron McMahan Jr. – sponsor Chris Kircher

Event 9 – Bring Partner Div III (Add to 6) – 16 Teams/32 Players
1st – Connie Sitton & Jack Russell Rhoades – sponsor Holly Kofod
2nd – Chris Kircher & Thomas Schwenk – sponsor Mike Taylor
3rd – Roland Valverde & Sarah Myers – sponsor Holly Nance
4th – Larry DeGraffenried & Sherry Miller – sponsored themselves



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