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The 1st website to post shuffleboard tournament results from across the nation!
Wednesday December 31, 2008 11:48 PM  
I saw it on the home page Computer Tips and Hints

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2003-2004 Indiana Results

My goals for this web site are:

To compliment and supplement current methods of reporting on shuffleboard tournaments, shuffleboard leagues and shuffleboard Hall-of-Fames.

 To post results from tournaments as soon as possible after it takes place.
 To post schedules for every state that are accessible to everyone, anywhere.
 To link those schedules to the flyers for the shuffleboard tournament.
 To provide the space for others to share their shuffleboard information.

What I need from you...

Information. Information. Information. Lots and lots of information. About your shuffleboard league, your shuffleboard Hall-of-Fame, your shuffleboard tournaments.

What's in it for me...

Nothing. Nada. Zero, zip, zilch.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I hope to sell banner advertising and I'll take donations, but other than that, it will probably be out of my pocket. My pockets aren't very deep, so I'll use all the free tools that I can (like the free counter). It's fortunate that I used to work for a software company that makes database tools, web page and graphics programs and that I don't have a life <G>

So that's it. Send your information, preferably in electronic format, and I'll post it for you!

Ann Harrell, Bourbon, Indiana
October 1st, 2004

KC ShootOut
Del City 2012
14th WWW
NASC™ 2012
Houston 2012

Del City
13th WWW
NASC™ 2011

Houston 2011

Del City 2010
12th WWW
NASC™ 2010
Houston 2010

KC ShootOut
Del City 2009
11th WWW
NASC™ 2009
Houston 2009

KC ShootOut
2nd PNW
Del City 2008
10th WWW
NASC™ 2008
Houston 2008

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