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Bob Lee Clark June 5, 1940 to Dec 28, 2008

Bob passed away gently at home on Sunday Dec 28, 2008 with is wife Bobbi holding his handand stroking his head. His life was full of adventure, fun and learning. He served his country in the Army for 4 years and got to travel all over the world. He experienced the different cultures and learn to converse in their language.

His life was like a mysterious sponge, devouring great literature, adsorbing wonderful music, and mastering little things like chess, bridge, tennis, golf, skydiving, skiing, billiards, gourmet cooking and of course, shuffleboard.

He could quote pages from books that he hadn't read in over 40 years and could carry on an impressive intelligent conversation with anyone on just about any subject.

Cancer finally took it's ugly toll, but not before he had accomplished everything he ever set out to do, including marrying his sweetheart and soul mate Bobbi Price on Christmas Eve 2007.

Bob was always a gentleman full of love and respect for others. He loved telling joke and was not above being politically incorrect at times. His boyish charm, however, allowed him to get away with it and no one seemed to care.

He leaves behind his loving family: Maureen, John, Bonnie, Annie, Brendon, Andreanna, Tom, Lisa, Jack, Scott and Julian, Lori, Scooter, Kip, Jade, Lindsey, Trent, Ocean and Kira and wonderful and supportive friends.

We will miss him terribly and we were so lucky to have had him in our lives. There will never be another quite like him.  

Jim Martin

Del City
13th WWW
NASC™ 2011

Houston 2011

Del City 2010
12th WWW
NASC™ 2010
Houston 2010

KC ShootOut
Del City 2009
11th WWW
NASC™ 2009
Houston 2009

KC ShootOut
2nd PNW
Del City 2008
10th WWW
NASC™ 2008
Houston 2008

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