Paul Panholzer
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Paul Panholzer August 6, 2010

To Paul's Friends

     Paul didn't want a service. Paul's Father passed away 3 years ago and Paul had his fathers ashes to spread near the summer home in Clear Lake or put in the family plot in Pt. Reyes. So now Paul's cremated remains will be spread along with his father whom he was so close and devoted to. I am so grief stricken right now that I have lost my honey, as is the rest of the family that we are in the process of deciding what would be best for our memory of Paul . He had 100's of friends from the bowling community and from the shuffleboard community. I am also working on the obituary right now which will come out in Sundays IJ. I am telling this to his friends just so you know there won't be any type of formal service at this time. Please have a beer and a cheer for my great guy and share a laugh when you gather at the lanes or at the shuffleboard table the next time you play a game. We will all miss him so very much. Thanks for your kind words and cards that you sent to Paul while he was ill.

Love Susan

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