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Don Crall Memorial Southwest Open 2007
Reported by Kathy Yingst

In spite of the torrential rains and the exorbitant gas prices, we had a good turnout at this year’s Southwest Open. The players began arriving on Friday as Round Robins began and by the end of the week we had over 175 registered players.

This year a new award was given to the player who accumulated the most points from participating in and winning round robins throughout the week. The 2007 Round Robin King of the Jungle was Ted Canada. Ted will receive free registration and free entry in the AB Draw and the Draft events in next years Southwest Open.

A huge thanks goes out to Johnny Wayne for his work on getting the boards ready. The boards played great and the players were very pleased.

We would also like to give a big thanks to all the American Legion Post 73 volunteers, Eileen, Jack and Andy and all the bartenders and cooks for taking care of us all week. And we would like to thank the tournament staff; Jack, Jim, Johnny and Kathy, for their time and effort in making the tournament a success. We want to thank Ann Harrell for taking the pictures for all the events and for allowing us to use her pictures for the TSA Newsletter which will come out next month.

We also want to thank Norm and Debbie Allinder for all their hard work to make this tournament possible. Norm was not feeling well during the tournament but continued to help out where he could. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Event Winner Summary
-1 Lag Off  Downtown Laggin' Mary Brown Lagged a deep 3 against 45 contestants
0 Round Robin
Ted Canada - King of the Jungle
Joyce Gamble - 1-17 (Garfield)
King: Free registration, entry for Draft and AB Draw 2008
1 Div 1 AB Draw
21 Teams
1st Mike Taylor & Sheryl Cockerill
2nd Kelly Cameron & Glen Davidson
3rd Bill Melton & Mitch Melton

4th David Williams Jr. & Lenny Webster
5th/6th Tony Pelton & Deb Voorhis
Larry Brown & Hoot Hodge
2 Div 2 AB Draw
36 Teams
1st David Veazey & Cory Humlicek
2nd Gary Hagerty & Johnny Rogers
3rd Phil Railsback & Tree Cameron
4th Billy Poole & Loren Jorgensen

5th/6th Tom Yates & John Boyer
Robert Hoffman & Alben McDonald
7th/8th Gary Mahaffey & Sue Lewis
7th/8th Alex Bagdikian & Phil Copeland
3 Pro Singles
16 Singles
1st Bill Melton
2nd David Williams Jr.

3rd Al Salazar
4th Kelly Cameron
4 Div 1 Singles
25 Singles
1st Dave Shewbridge
2nd Jason Papa
3rd Craig White

4th Mark Gray
5th/6th Harvey Walden
5th/6th Jim Kosiske
5 Div 2 Singles
31 Singles
1st Alex Bagdikian
2nd Lewis Bailey
3rd Jerry Romay
4th Steve Taylor

5th/6th Ryan Pearson
Robert Hoffman
7th/8th Becky Foster
7th/8th John Williamson
6 Div 3 Singles
20 Singles
1st Cory Humlicek
2nd Steve Soltis
3rd Phil Copeland
4th Anita Bloodworth
7 Draft Team
20 Teams

1st (Split-See Draft Team for details)
Ken Storck
Phil Gardner
Jack Davis
Becky Foster
Gilbert Baird
Janice Hagerty

2nd Billy Mays
Harvey Walden
Jim French
Roy Applegate
Barb Head
Joetta Romero

3rd Jeri Williams
Gerald Wood
Sandy Blade
Warren Settegast
Jett Williamson
Tree Cameron

4th Jeff Womble
Mark Gray
Ed White
Gary Hagerty
Phil Copeland
Alban McDonald
8 Div I 4 Person
12 Teams
1st (Split-See Div I 4 Person for details)
Diana Hagen
Brian Walker
Dave Shewbridge
Alex Bagdikian

2nd Kelly Cameron
Alfred Suarez
Greg Hixson
Becky Foster
3rd David Williams Jr
Jerry Siebert
Ron Campbell Jr
Lee McDonald
9 Div 2 4 Person
14 Teams
1st Larry Ables (DD)
Don Roper
Robert Hoffman
Ryan Pearson

2nd Craig Bendickson
Jerry Romay
Gary Hagerty
John Boyer
3rd Glen Tubbs
Sandy Tubbs
Barb Head
Carol Pittman
10 Pro Doubles 1st Bill Melton & Tony Pelton (DD)
2nd Mike Taylor & Jeff Womble
3rd Kelly Cameron & Jeri Williams
4th David Williams Jr. & Alfred Suarez
11 Div 1 Doubles 1st Charles Peltier & Alex Bagdikian
2nd Hoot Hodge & Glen Tubbs
3rd Deb Voorhis & Jessica Williams

4th Wayne Hammond & Phil Railsbeck
5th/6th Sheryl Cockerill & Pam Dowell
5th/6th Robert Hoffman & Danny Baxter
12 Div 2 Doubles 1st Loren Jorgensen & Cory Humlicek
2nd Mark Steelman Jr & Mark Bowd

3rd Dave Dickerson & Rob Weaver
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