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23rd Annual North American Shuffleboard Championships
The Shuffleboard Federation

Division III Doubles - 23  

1st Bita Gilliam & Bryan Ables
2nd Todd Hartzman & Tammy Galleher (WB)
3rd Lynnett Lonaker & Jay Norman
4th John Schram & Brian Peterson

Alice Blankenship & Lance Lohr
Michael Dreisbach & Jean Pachik

Kim Dunn & Natalie Buc-Harrison
Jeff Corderman & Bobby Fox
Michael Dreisbach & Jean Pachik
Laurie Gorder & Helen Robertson
Gordy Hard & Doug Hynes
Vernon Maguire & Terry Howard
Christine Mahaffey & Pat Bullock
Matt Palomino & Dave Rich
Paul Stallsworth & Leslie Peterson
Sue Hughes & Melody Baca
Carl Kelm & Shawn Perry

John Schram & Brian Peterson
Debbie Brayman & Haylee Yingst
Bita Gilliam & Bryan Ables
Alice Blankenship & Lance Lohr
Leigh Williams & Nyna Christianson
Todd Hartzman & Tammy Galleher
Barb Kenney & Sara Pederson
Mike Olmsted & Rene Palmer
Frank Aiello & Jim Rogers
Bill McKinley & Wayde LeClear
Lynnett Lonaker & Jay Norman

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