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23rd Annual North American Shuffleboard Championships
The Shuffleboard Federation

Division II Doubles - 27  

1st Missy Van Hecke & Ray Whoriskey (WB)
2nd Mike Galleher & Don Baxter
3rd Amanda Williams & Casey Ables
4th George Goldsmith & Russ Lankton

Willy Vazquez & James O'Brien
Kevin Ansbro & Gary Dupont

Sharon Canino & Jack Rhodes
Fred Miller & Doug Queen

Amanda Williams & Casey Ables
Hollywood Kelly & Alben McDonald
Kevin Ansbro & Gary Dupont
Mike Galleher & Don Baxter
Anita Bloodworth & Sheila Gandy
Kevin Brown & Bill Pollock Jr
Chet Seybert & Chris Lemieux
Carolyn Floyd & Bill Renskers
Kathy Thomas & Vickie Hunt
Tom Coburn & Lilly Kidd
Neil Young & Kimberly Lawther
Gary Mahaffey & Ton Bullock
Lorraine Olson & Jason Veal
Erol Otus & Lucian Sprague

Fred Miller & Doug Queen
Ed Stolarchuk & Randy Storejeoff
Willy Vazquez & James O'Brien
Bill Walker & Linda Walker
Jim Stuart & Virgil & Jones
Sharon Canino & Jack Rhodes
Jackie Stolarchuk & Candy Lepore
Jimmy Kumpala & Al Christie
George Goldsmith & Russ Lankton
Don Wallace & Frank Pasco
Missy Van Hecke & Ray Whoriskey
Don Prescott & Lorraine Burchynsky
Grant Watson & Bobby Golightly

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