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Best Western/La Piazza Restaurant 1000 North Main Street
Las Vegas, NV April 12th-15th 2007
Updated Sunday, August 30, 2009 10:37 AM


Las Vegas La Piazza Shuffleboard Results

OK sports fans, I am finally able to sit down with this stupid computer and let everyone know the results of the Las Vegas Shuffleboard Tournament that was held on July 28 thru August 2nd.

We had a very good group of players from many geographical areas.  We much appreciate all the support of the players and friends that showed.  Whenever we are able to get together for a tournament and have friends around, life just doesn’t get any better.Click Here for Hotel Details

We were able to hold five events during our stay.  The first of which was the ever-popular A/B draw.  With 19 teams represented, we were able to pay out to six places.  Our winning team in this event was DeVonna Golden and Jana Brannen.  These two ladies played very well together.  As the only all female team in the event, this shows how well the ladies can compete.  What a great showing. Getting second in the event was the team of Eddie the showstopper Brayman, and Scott Vaughn.  Eddie had a great week in Vegas.  Scott played extremely well in this event.  Congrats to both of them. Of course no good tournament is complete without at least one bring team drawing each other in an A/B event.  So, our third place team of J.R. Noel and Paul Panholzer received this honor and got to practice together before the add to three.  These two gentlemen are a class act.  Sportsmanship should precede their names every time they talked about. Rounding out this event was Jim Golden and Larry Creakbaum in forth; Ken Strong and Dan Childs tied with Dave Keithahan and Helen Robertson for fifth/sixth. 


1st Jana Brannen & DeVonna Golden
2nd Eddie Brayman & Scott Vaughn
3rd JR Noel & Paul Panholzer
4th Jim Golden & Larry Creakbaum
5th/6th Ken Strong & Dan Childs
5th/6th Dave Keithan & Helen Robertson

The four-person draft is quickly becoming a crowd favorite event.  Players get a chance to compete in a format that matches ability with strategy through a draft.  Personally, I love this event.  I think this levels the playing field as the drafters get to pick their team based on ratings and skill knowledge of players. 

First place in this event was the quasi well-managed team of Captain Eddie Brayman with first mates Paul Panholzer, Manny Canada and Larry Creakbaum.  I guess putting Eddie on the clock during the draft process paid off for him.  Great playing guys. Second place was another strong team in Captain Al Salazar followed by his illustrious team of the one and only, (some say thank God for that), Vern Booth, Ted Canada and Connie Zavala. 

4 Person Draft
1st Eddie Brayman, Paul Panholzer, Manny Canada, Larry Creakbaum
2nd Al Salazar, Vern Booth, Ted Canada, Connie Zavala

Our format for the week allowed us two partner events.  The first event I will tell you about was the add to three bring team. As I mentioned earlier, JR Noel and Paul Panholzer practiced together in the A/B draw.  Well apparently that paid off as they won the Add to three by beating out a strong husband wife team of Ted and Manny Canada.  This match up was on of the highlights of my weekend.  Watching such a kind group of competitors playing reminds me of how much work I have in front of me in regard to grace.  Great playing guys, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Add to 3
1st JR Noel & Paul Panholzer
2nd Ted & Manny Canada

The other Doubles event was the open doubles.  This event was loaded with strong teams.  I can only say the action was fantastic.  The winning team of Dave Keithahan and Bob Crum, both from California, is a demonstration of how competitive this event was.  Both of these players are well known for their skills and competitiveness.  If you need to lose some money sometime, challenge them. I will personally take side bets on them anywhere.

To add to the list of great teams in this event was the second place team of Tony Appell and Cindy Clark of Arizona.  As many people know, these two players are among the best our sport has.  I’m just glad Tony, Cindy and I get along.  I would not want to piss them off and then play them in money games.  I don’t think my bank would give me a credit line for that bet.

Open Doubles
1st Dave Keithan & Bob Crum
2nd Tony Appell & Cindy Clark

On our final day of the tournament we had a fun filled event in an add to six four person bring team.  This is a great way to close any event we have.  The winning team was the California freight train group of Captain Phil Gardner, followed by Dan Childs, Bill Landress and Jana Brannen.  This is a very strong team and played very well.

Second place in this event was Captain Tony Appell with the strong team of Duane Maxwell, John Thames and Jason Sanchez as supporting cast.

Add to 6 4 Person
1st Phil Gardner, Dan Childs, Bill Landress, Jana Brannen

The total payout for our events was $11,000.00.  We thank all participants and sponsors for your support.

I must say this event was a lot of fun and brought together people from all over.  I am very appreciative to many people who assisted in this event.  First off, I must thank Joe Signore.  Joe is the owner of the La Piazza Best Western.  As a host, Joe is a great supporter of our sport.  He has given us a great facility to play and has helped us tremendously in keeping Las Vegas Shuffleboard alive and well.  Thank you Joe, and we look forward to our next event at your site.

 As everyone is aware, Jim and DeVonna Golden have been developing shuffleboard in Vegas for a long time.  Their contributions to this sport and consistent support of this game are what have allowed us to ever develop a tournament in Vegas.  I personally want to thank them for all they have done for the game.

I am not able to run a tournament alone.  Without the help of Richard (Bubba) Warren, I could not have pulled off such a successful event.  Bubba is a constant aid to me and one of the finest minds this sport has.  I truly appreciate every opportunity to work with Bubba.  He has been my mentor for years and I am one of the luckiest players in the game to have been taught by such a great player.

We had Danny Leach, John Thames, Jason Sanchez and Jeff Keyes as our board helpers.  They assisted in setting up the boards and room.  I do appreciate all they did to help.

Once in a while someone jumps up to help that is a surprise in how much they do for us.  Players don’t often see behind the scenes, but what happens there is very important to how events run.  Jerry Humdinger Harp from California did a fantastic job as our runner.  Anything Bubba or I needed, Jerry was right there with a smile on his face and willing to help.  Jerry (pops) Humdinger, thank you so much for everything you did.

We had Connie Zavala jump in and help us with our fifty/fifty raffle.  She made it a point to visit every player and sell tickets for the drawing.  I much appreciated the work she did and thank her.

I also want to thank Jim Martin of the California Shuffleboard Hall of Fame for the donation of $50.00 for our raffle drawing.  Jimmy is another of the sports great standouts as a promoter as well as a great player.  Thank you Jimmy.

Finally, thank all of you as players and friends for your support.  We enjoyed all of you at this event and look forward as always to seeing you all soon.

With much respect I end this,

Jeff Posthumus


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