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Comments on the tournament from Tournament Director, Jim Golden:

Las Vegas Shuffleboard Tournament

Held January 24th-28th 2008 at the Best Western/La Piazza
Best Western/La Piazza Restaurant 1000 North Main Street
Las Vegas, NV

I’m happy to report our first Las Vegas Tournament in 2008 was a BIG success.  We had 60 players this year.  Everyone seemed to have a great time!  We had our 6 Champion Shuffleboards, 5 which played very well and 1 that was quite challenging for those who got the opportunity to play on it.  We do plan on working on that board to take a little of the challenge out if it.  We hope that doesn’t upset some of you that had the extra fun on it. 

We finished our 3 events:
First we started with our Singles:
We had both Pro Division -1’s – 5’s and Amateur Division +2’s - 5’s; these had 2 out of 3 games in the winner’s bracket in both divisions.  These were also Double Elimination! 
Next we had an A/B/C Draw:
Everyone played in these 2 out of 3 games in Winners bracket and a 21 point game in the Loser’s bracket. 
Our last event was Doubles (Bring a Partner) – also 2 out if 3 games in both Winners and Losers bracket.

A BIG THANKS again to Eddie Brayman for his great computer program (Computer Peas) and his help which kept our events moving along on track and on time.
And an even bigger THANKS to Eddie for helping us with our Auctions, what a GREAT JOB.

A BIG THANKS to the following people who helped throughout the tournament:

Our Host / Sponsor / Owner of the Best Western / and My Friend, Joe Signore
My Tournament Officials: DeVonna Golden, Danny Leach, Jeff Keyes

Registration Desk:
(My wife)  DeVonna Golden  (and everything else that needed done)
Linda Churchman (from AZ) ( DeVonna’s GodSend of help!) 

Helping me with the bracket boards:  Terry Leahy (from AZ) (My Godsend of help)
Helping with 50/50 sales and Prize Drawings: (My Mom) Rose Martinez
Our Bar Keeps: Theresa, Amber, and Sue

Special thanks to the following for helping us build and level the boards:
Al Salazar,  (My brother)  Roger Martinez,  John Thames,  Jeff Keyes,  Danny Adair,  Dave Keithahn

We had our usual drawings for numerous door prizes, hats, shirts, (some donated by Oskars of Southern Calif.) lawn chairs, umbrellas, pictures of “Old Las Vegas”, beer signs, a Tail gating BBQ, a large Electric beer cooler, beer cozies and so much much more.Our winner of the 50/50 raffle drawing ($190.00) winner was Mike Ringer of Visalia Calif. 

And Now, Here Are the Results of the Las Vegas Shuffleboard Tournament January 2008

Singles Pro Division:13 Players, $1,950.00 in Prize Money, $3,170.00 in Sponsor Sale Money
1st Place was Bob Crum Northern Calif.
2nd Place was Phil (Doug) Fridley – Las Vegas NV
3rd Place was Gil Aragon - AZ
4th Place was Dave Keithahn – Northern Calif.

Singles Amateur Division: 24 Players, $1,200.00 in Prize Money, $2,910.00 in Sponsor Sale Money
1st Place was Lewis Bailey – AZ (Note: last year as a “2”, he’s now a “1”, Had your time as a “2” now it’s time to move up.You had a great run Lewis in this Division, Congratulations!)
2nd Place was Barbara Crum – Northern Calif.
3rd Place was Jeff Keyes – Las Vegas NV
4th Place was Duane Maxwell - AZ
5th/6th Place was DeVonna Golden – Las Vegas NV
5th/6th Place was?

A/B/C Draw:48 Players, 16 Teams, $1200.00 in Prize Money, $4205.00 in Sponsor Sale Money
1st Place was Eddie Brayman No. Cal, Jeff Keyes Las Vegas NV, and Denise Bailey No. Cal
2nd Place was Charlie Gates AZ, Lewis Bailey AZ, and Penny Eaker No. Cal
3rd Place was Ken Strong TX, Terry Leahy AZ, and Robert Price AZ
4th Place was Ty Bayne No. Cal., Leslie Lankton No. Cal., and Dan Childs

Bring Partner Pro Div:16 Players,  8 Teams, $1,600.00 in Prize Money, $2,890.00 in Sponsor Sale
1st Place was Chris Passariello – Las Vegas NV and Floyd Martinez – Las Vegas NV
2nd Place was Tony Appel – AZ and Lewis Bailey – AZ

Bring Partner Amateur Div: 20 Players, 10 Teams, $1,000.00 , $2,150.00 in Sponsor Sale Money
1st Place was Barbara Crum - No. Calif. and Paul Panholzer - No. Calif.
2nd Place was DeVonna Golden - Las Vegas NV. and Kelly Hampton - No. Calif. 
3rd Place was Bobby Dean - No. Calif. and Penny Eaker No. Calif.

TOTALS: 60 Total Players
$6,950.00 in prize money
$15,325.00 in Sponsor Sale money
$22,275.00 in Total winnings exchanged


It’s always great to see players from our neighboring states but a
Special Thanks to those that traveled the farthest to our Tournament:
Ken Strong from Texas
Larry Creakbaum from Indiana
Chris Wayt from Washington
Todd Pecca from New Jersey

Thanks Again to all who attended and we look forward to seeing you in our up-coming tournaments of 2008.  Watch on the internet web sites for up-coming events and dates!

Tournament Director – Jim Golden
SymbolDove.jpg (4579 bytes)   In Memorial of our passed friends    -    Johnny Pecca II  and  Pearl Minard


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