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Best Western/La Piazza Restaurant 1000 North Main Street
Las Vegas, NV April 12th-15th 2007
Updated Friday, May 11, 2007 8:09 PM
Reported by Jim Golden
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Comments on the tournament from Tournament Director, Jim Golden:

I’m happy to report our second Las Vegas Tournament was a big success. We had 57 players this year, although it was 18 less than our first tournament of 75 players in 2006, the players seemed to have twice as much fun. All players commented that our 6 Brand New Champion Shuffleboards (from Williams Shuffleboards of Texas, and the 6 New Eagle Scoreboards from Gordie Smith of Canada) played great! We finished our 3 events, (A/B Draw – Double Elimination, A/B/C Draw – 2 out of 3 and Double Elimination, and our Doubles (Bring a Partner) – also 2 out if 3 and Double Elimination) smoothly and on time.

A Big thanks to Eddie Brayman for his great computer program (Computer Peas) and his help which kept us on track and on time.

Our Host / Sponsor / Owner of the Best Western / and My Friend (who bought all the new Boards), Joe Signore

My Tournament Officials: Danny Leach, Jeff Keyes, Terry Leahy, (from AZ), Floyd Martinez
Registration Desk: (My wife) DeVonna Golden, Linda Churchman (from AZ)

Helping with Shirts sales and 50/50 Drawings:

Barbara Passariello, (Our son) Chris Golden, (My Mom) Rose Martinez
Our Bar Keep from last year, (who flew in all the way from Kansas): Rita Holland

Handling our Auctions: Kenny Hawkes
A Special thanks to the following for helping us build and put the boards together:
(My brother) Floyd Martinez, (My brother) Roger Martinez, John Thames, (Our Son) Chris Golden, Danny Leach
Jeff Keyes

Our Photographer: Prima Webber
(Which by the way, photos of all winners to come in the near future)

Our winner of the 50/50 ruffle drawing ($317.00) was James O’Brian of Southern Calif. – Oskar’s

AB DRAW - 20 Teams - $1000.00 in Prize Money
$3,340.00 in Sponsor Sale Money
Floyd Martinez - NV and JohnnyBadd Pecca - NV
Neil Fetter - MI and Steve Farnsworth - AZ
Grant Manning – S/CA and Terry Leahy – AZ
Al Salazar – AZ and Jim Moran – NY
Chris Passarillo – NV and Ted Canada – AZ
Frank Blade – MI and Mannie Canada - AZ

 ABC Draw -   16 Teams
$1200.00 in Prize Money $4785.00 in Sponsor Sale Money

Frank Blade – MI, Cindy Clark – AZ, and Todd Pecca – NJ
Grant Manning – S/CA, Floyd Martinez– NV, and George Gray - AZ
Phil Fridley – NV, Virgil Jones – AZ, and Steve Farnsworth – AZ
Eddie Brayman– N/CA, Wayne Atkinson – MI, and Audra Schooley – NV

 Bring Partner - 22 Teams
$1400.00 in Prize Money $4570.00 in Sponsor Sale Mone
 Tony Appel – AZ and Lewis Bailey – AZ
Al Salazar – AZ and Phil Fridley – NV
Chris Passariello – NV and Floyd Martinez – NV
Bob Crum – N/CA and J.R. Noel – N/CA
Eddie Brayman – N/CA and Lorraine Olson – OR
Frank Blade – MI and Neil Fetter – MI


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