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Best Western/La Piazza Restaurant 1000 North Main Street
Las Vegas, NV July 28-30, 2006
Updated Wednesday, August 16, 2006 9:57 PM
Reported by Dick Smedberg & Phil Fribley & Jim Golden
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Comments on the tournament from Tournament Director, Jim Golden:

I'm very happy with the way our first tournament went. We had some challenges, but we smoothed them out and nobody died. We had 5 boards to handle 3 events, and a couple of round robins over 4 days, which kept us pretty busy. There are so many people to recognize I hope I don't forget anyone.

 AB Draw - 23 Teams
$920.00 in prize money $6,510.00 in Sponsor Sale money
Warren Goldsmith - N/CA & Steve Farnsworth - AZ
Ty Bayne - S/CA and Denise Yohn - AZ
Jeri Williams - TX and John Thames - NV
Kenny Hawkes - S/CA and DeVonna Golden - NV
Jim Golden - NV and John Mollett - S/CA
Karl Spickelmier - S/CA and Lewis Bailey - AZ

"Joe Signore - I would first like to recognize the sponsor/owner, Joe Signore. I've only known Joe but about 8 months. When I came to Joe about 6 months ago and presented him with an idea of holding a shuffleboard tournament at his Hotel/Restaurant/Bar he listened with an open mind. Now Joe, at that time barely knew what color of the weight went up, and didn't know much more about the game or the shuffleboard family/community. I explained to him he would have to rent 4 boards from California, pay to have them shipped, pay to rent a crane to lift the boards to the second floor, and the costs in supplies that would be needed. I then asked him to give the players a special room rate, offer raffle prizes, and put out food for them each night. I told him of the possible 60-80 players that would come, stay in the hotel, eat at his great restaurant, gamble at his bar, and drink a river of beer. He agreed, banking on my word alone. Joe was an awesome sponsor and host, without his support, and belief in us, this vision of shuffleboard in Las Vegas would never have happened! THANKS again Joe. (Are you ready for our next tournament?)

" Jeff Posthumus - for bringing up the boards from California
" The following also help in either the unloading or loading of boards to the second floor: Jeff Posthumus, H.L., Danny Leach, Jeff Keyes, Frank Zavala, Shawn, Roger Martinez, Tom Mills, and a multitude of others.
" Bubba and H.L. - for helping me set, level, and work on the boards for 4 days before the event started.
" Danny Leach and Jeff Keyes - My co-officials of the tournament. Jeff Keyes also arranged our award plaques
" Rita Holland - our bartender, who flew in from Kansas, (at her own expense, and worked and worked for 14-18 hours a day)
" Connie Zavala and Audra Schooley who handled our registration/sign-ups, and keeping track of all the money
" Frank Zavala making and supplying our board wipes
" Teresa Keyes and DeVonna Golden for their help with our 50/50 and prize drawings.
" Very special thanks to Kenny Hawkes for his excellent job on our sponsor's sales/auctions. The $$$ amounts he brought in speak for themselves. Thanks Kenny!!
" Linda Churchman - For her help on the registration desk and her valuable help on the Bracket Board
" Terry Leahy was a "God send" on helping on the Bracket Boards and helping me draw out teams.

 ABC Draw - 20 Teams
$1500.00 in prize money $5,770.00 in Sponsor Sale money
Ken Strong - TX, Lewis Bailey - AZ, and Grant Watson N/CA
Steve O'Neal - N/CA, Barbara Crum - N/CA, & John Thames - NV
Gil Aragon - AZ, Tom Mills - S/CA, and Dan Childs - S/CA
Bob Crum - N/CA, Jim Wheeler - S/CA, and Michelle Lamo - S/CA
Chris Passariello - NV, Sharon Chandler - AZ, and Steve Farnsworth - AZ
Warren Goldsmith - N/CA, Russ Lankton - N/CA, and George Gray - AZ

Paul Weber's up and coming induction into the hall of fame at the Thanksgiving tournament at Oskar's in Bellflower, CA. was announced before each event and we asked for everyone that knows him to fill out a tribute at the registration desk or send congrats to Jimmy Martin at his e-mail ( or US mail to: 36832 Hidden Trail Ct. Winchester, CA 92596. We gave out Jimmy's contact # of 951-600-1209. These congrats needed to be in by the dead line of October 20th.

We re-announced our tremendous loss of one of our Shuffleboard family members here in Vegas. Ron Sweikert, (better known as Balboa Ron from the Balboa Club in El Monte, CA), has played all over the country. Ron was very well known for his writing in the "Board Talk" of "Frisco Eddie". Ron wrote stories about different players he met playing across the country, with actual true stories, but giving fictitious names to the players so as not to hurt anyone. But, most of the time, you knew who Ron was writing about. Also, Frank Zavala, Ron's long time friend gave a tribute to Ron. We honored Ron, our friend, at this tournament with a moment of silence. Ron will be dearly missed.

 Open Doubles - 19 Teams
$1400.00 in prize money $6115.00 in Sponsor Sale money
Wendell Herbison - AZ and Cindy Clark - AZ
Chris Passariello - NV and Floyd Martinez - NV
Bobby Williams - TX and Jeri Williams - TX
Phil Fridley - NV and Charlie Gates - AZ
J R Noel - N/CA and Bob Crum - N/CA
Danny Leach - NV and Jeff Keyes - NV

Over all, I believe everyone had a good time. We had numerous positive comments and a few constructive hints for next year.

We look forward to seeing our shuffleboard friends at future events in your perspective home towns. We look forward to planning a bigger, better, and twice as much fun tournament for next year. Yes, we will start planning the 2nd Annual Shuffleboard Open of 2007 in the near future.

Dick Smedberg - The tournament was a great success. Jim Golden, Tournament Director, along with many others including hotel owner Joe Signore are to be complimented. Jim Golden used his computer to pick teams in the A/B & A/B/C events and print sponsor sale sheets with names/ratings/pictures of all participants. I, myself, finished one out of the money (7th/8th Place) in both the A/B & OPEN DOUBLES, but there was some good shooting and fellowship.

Phil Fridley - Jim Golden, Tournament Director, did an outstanding job and everything ran smoothly from drinks to food to raffles to donations to a tribute and Induction of Balboa Ron Schweikert as the first inductee into
the Nevada Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. Excellent turnout with total purse for the weekend over $20,000.   

Floyd Martinez, NV, August 15, 2006) - My name is Floyd Martinez (Jim Golden's brother), and I want to say "great job" to my brother for all his hard work and "many thanks" to all that helped with our first tournament (esp. Bubba, and Jeff ). We had a lot of great players and good sportsmanship throughout the tournament . Thanks to all who participated in our first Las Vegas Open. Had a great time and tied for first place in doubles event. Thanks, Floyd Martinez


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