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This tournament started in 1993 and has grown for 20 yrs. Started out as  The 1st Texas County bring your partner tournament with 1 table to play on ,with the long foul line, and a 30 min.time clock.   
Today its is called Texas County Championship we are playing on 4 boards, short foul line and sometimes games run up to an hour.

We have 2 divisions in the bring partner event , to keep the interest of newer players involved. We offer an a/b draw on Thursday, the bring partner on Friday, and then a Singles on Saturday, yea it may run up into WEEEEE hours of the night, but it does get finished. Even after LONG HOURS of play through the first two tournaments it never fall short for a great Singles to bring it all to a close. With the help of all of our Eagels members and auxilary members, there is always food to be offered, so of course on St.Pats week-end on Saturday there is always corn beef and cabbage, never know what the other 2 days that might be offered.  But this time on Thursday  it was cornbread and beans, Friday sliced and pulled pork and and all kinds of sides to go with...Always a great time, Thanks to Delane Moore for the running of the bracketts and his  computer helpers Matt Coonts, Doug Paben, Becky Leier,& Barb Head and Angie Paben, and auctioneer services of Roger Ellison and MarkGray. 

If ever anyone gets the chance to come to Houston Missouri, we hope that you will make a tournament,we will show you our hospitality,


A/B Draw

In the a/b draw on Thursday nioght we had 13 teams

1st Place going to Jeff Ward of Houston Brandon Bock of Stockton(pic# 6826) standing left is sponsor Matt Coonts
2nd Place Larry Manier of Houston Craig (Doc) Bendickson of Stockton (pic#6825) standing right is sponsor Brandon Ingram
3rd Pkace Troy Crowe of Licking and Raymond Wadsack of Stockton (pic#6824) standing center is sponsor Jim Floyd
4th Place Alben McDonald of Kansas City and Jim Floyd of Houston


Division 1 Bring Partner

So in Division 1 there were 16 teams.. WOW what a battle, and hope they save some of that energy for the singles soon to follow. Coming out CHAMPS this year were

1st Place Justin Sparks of Licking and Tony McNew of Success (pic#6866) with sponsors Jim Floyd and Chance Drake
2nd Place Mark Gray of Kansas City and Brandon Bock of Stockton (pic#6865) with sponsors Jim Floyd and Chance Drake
3rd Place Gary Ferrou and Matt Coonts both of Houston (pic#6837)
4th Place Jerry Romay of St.Louis and Bobby Duer of Kansas City

Division 2 Bring Partner

So then on Friday night was the bring partner event with 2 divisions. In Division 2 there were 11 teams

1st Place Jeff Ward of Houston and Troy Crowe of Licking (pic#6860) with sponsors Sue Hughes and Ann WInk
2nd Place Ray Wadsack and Denny Cundiff both of Stockton (pic#6859) with sponsor Leon Sartain
3rd Place Leon Sartain and Sheila Cundiff both of Stocton (pic#6858) with sponsor Cotton Walker

Open Singles

Well after the battling of the bring partner event immediately following was a singles tournament with 18 people still hungry for shuffleboard,

1st Place Brandon Bock of Stockton(pic#6870)
2nd Place Brandon Ingram of Houston(pic#6869)
3rd Place Matt Coonts of Houstonpic6868) with tournament director Delane Moore
4th Place Scott Manier of Houston


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