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Updated Tuesday, November 5, 2013 5:28 PM
Submitted by Charlie Riley

Event #1 ABC: The (MSPA) Missouri State Players Association held its 12 Annual State Championship on Oct.10th-12th 2013 at the Springfield Eagles 3934 Lodge. Its a great place to play if you ever pass through Springfield stop in and play  & enjoy their great hospitallity,especially when their women have the kitchen opened. They took great care of the 90 registered players & donated $1000.00 additional money.  Which in the 12 years, this was the largest tournament yet.

 Starting the tournament off on Thursday an ABC draw, Friday Singles with 3 Divisions, and wrapping up the week-end on Saturday, was the bring your partner with 3 divisions.

So on Thursday evening there were 22 teams in the ABC. It made for a long, but fun-filled evening, playing with some that maybe we haven't had a chance to play with and usually play against. Which is always a good thing. Anyway coming out on top, were

1st place Alben McDonalds of Kansas City team Grant Nelson of Stockton, and Gene Collier of Republic
2nd place Raymond Wadsack of Stockton team, Brandon Ingram of Houston, and Peggy Olson of Springfield
3rd place David Mason of Kansas City team Denny Cundiff of Stockton, and Barbara Segalla of Springfield
4th place Gary Ferrou of Houston team Jim Floyd of Houston and Leon Sartain of Stockton

Tied for 5/6
Bobby Duer of Kansas City team Tom White also of Kansas City, and Nathan Sachs of Columbia
Steve Taylor of Kansas City team Mary Stark of Houston, and Marilyn Mason of Kansas City

Open Singles

On Friday afternoon people are rushing in to get a little practice time on the boards. The MAIN event, The SINGLES CHAMPIONSHIP,is about to take place, with 3 divisions. Not only is everyone watching there favorite people battling it out, on the shuffleboard, but Missouri's favorite team is playing the National League Championship as well.
The ST. LOUIS CARDINALS are hosting the LA Dodgers for there chance to play in the WORLD SERIES.

 In Division 1 there were 15 registered players, battling for this title, and WOW what a finish. Trying to do a little double dipping didn't pay off in this ending. So we have a new STATE CHAMPION theres gonna be a brand new name on this plaque, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to

1st Place Matt Coonts of Houston (pic# 7107)
2nd Place Jim Payne of Stockton (# 7104)
3rd Place Andy Friedhofen of Springfield (pic# 7102)
4th Place Jerry Romay of St. Louis (pic# 7101) with sponsor Justin Sparks

Division 2 Singles

Division 2 also had a BRAND NEW CHAMPION.
 In this division there were 24 players wanting that title as well, and again no double dipping in this one either. I can tell you one thing these people were out to win and apparently wanted to go undefeated, and one player did

1st Place and Champion is Brandon Bock of Stockton (pic# 7099)
2nd Place JL Jones of La Grange (pic# 7097)
3rd Place Brandon Ingram of Houston (pic# 7095)
4th Place Danny Stevens of Kansas City
5th Raymond Wadsack of Stockton
6th Alben McDonald of Kansas City

Division 3 Singles

Division 3 had 16 people for that championship title as well. And a new CHAMPION was crowned in this division as well.

1st place Rod Owen of Springfield (pic# 7091) standing left of Rod is sponsor Bob Bradford
2nd place Steve Geer of Stockton (pic# 7090)
3rd place Brian Odle of Houston (pic#7089) standing on the left is sponsor Jim Floyd
4th place Tammy Drake of Houston (pic# 7087) with sponsor Bobby Duer

Division 1 Bring Partner

Its Saturday afternoon singles has finished, and the bring partner is about to begin.
The Missouri Tigers are already playing  Georgia, and the St. Louis Cardinals are coming up again as well

Last year  President Mark Gray came up with an idea of presenting a plaque for being the Most Improved Player. Last year the recipient was from Stockton, and had traveled, in and out of state, to challenge himself against others and done very well finishing in top places. Well the same thing has happened to this years recipient who also is from Stockton, and had traveled the same as the 1st one did, so if you haven't met this young man, you soon will, because he loves the game, and he has shown himself to be a very competitive player. So a Big Congratulations to Brandon Bock, on receiving and deserving this award.

Brandon Bock Most Improved Player (pic#7108)

So after the presentation there were 9 teams in Division 1

1st Place Justin Sparks of Houston and Mark Gray Kansas City (pic# 7162) standing to their left is sponsor Jim Floyd
2nd Place Cotton Walker of Houston and Jim Payne of Stockton (pic# 7160)
3rd Place Steve Taylor of Kansas City and John Boyer St. Louis (pic# 7109)

Division 2 Bring Partner

Division 2 had 16 teams, was a very good finish in this one as well, and coming out on top were

1st place Alben McDonald of Kansas City and secretary of the MSPA Keitha Ellison Springfield (pic# 7165) standing to their right is sponsor Justin Sparks
2nd place Raymond Wadsack and Brandon Bock both of Stockton (pic# 7166)
3rd place Delane Moore and Julie Hartman both of Houston (pic# 7168)

Division 3 Bring Partner

Division 3 had 12 teams playing in this,

1st Place Mike Foster and Joe Mayfield both of Stockton (pic# 7157) with sponsor Ann Wink standing center
2nd Place Doug Cawley and Tim Morris both of Columbia (pic# 7155 with sponsor to the right Mark Major
3rd Place Terry Durnil and Curtis Stone both of Columbia (pic# 7152) with sponsor to the right Nathan Sachs.


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