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16th Annual Hall of Fame Tournament FOEwas held September 12th-14th in Houston Missouri with our 11th Inductee into the Hall of Fame.

This years nominee was, St. Louis's, Chuck Muehlhauser. And after reading all of the testimonies, he was a well deserved recipient. And Charlie Riley and Rick Pittman doing the nominating knew what they were doing. Chuck's certificate has entered the Hall of Fame Wall at the Eagles Lodge with 10 others before him. such as Woodie Cockrum, Bill Jennings, Paul Casula, Charlie Riley, Dale Gettys, Bill Hill, Rick Pittman, Rich Steger, Connie McCall and Johnny Wright. Not only did Chuck receive this honor as a Great Player, Promoter, Director,and an Ambassador to the Game, but was recognized for helping put together our association of the MSPA (Missouri Shuffleboard Players Association). Though he was not the only one to piece this together, he was a LARGE HELP in doing so. So on that, CONGRATULATIONS again Chuck, for you induction, and all you have done to help put and hold this MSPA together.

As usual the Lodge had plenty of food to offer thanks to the Auxillary for the Thursday and Friday evening meals and snacks  breakfast Saturday morning, then the Aerie served up some AWESOME bar-b-que porksteaks, with the ladies again carrying in sides for them....YUM YUM

And a BIG thanks to all that helped keep this tournament running consistantley, Delane Moore, Doug Paben Becky Leier, Barb Head, to our auctioneers, Rick Pittman Roger Ellison, and of course Mark Gray. Then not to forget, a HUGE THANK YOU TO Lynda French, and Dave Shewbridge for collecting and printing the booklet for the Hall of Fame, You all have done so much, and don't get enough recognition for helping us out at times like this.

So as everyone traveling to help support our new inductee, on Thursday night we held an A/B draw, with 16 teams entering this tournament. When entering this tournament, you have the chance to support newer players, get some play time on the boards for the following tournament, and just never know might even win a little money, but no matter what it will be a good experience for everyone. So coming out on top were
(pictures are from left to right)

1st place Gary Ferrou of Houston, and Ray Wadsack of Stockton (pic#6961)
2nd place Larry Hearn of Kansas City and Brandon Bock of Stockton (pic#6959)
3rd place Donna Miller of St Louis and Rusten Preheim of Houston(pic#6958)
4th place Raymond Wadsack of Stockton and Tammy Drake of Houston (pic#6963)

On Friday evening the bring partner began with 2 divisions. In Division 1 there were 14 teams. coming out winners were

1st place Jerry Romay of St. Louis and Brandon Ingram of Houston with sponsor standing center Jim Floyd (pic#7027)
2nd place Jim Payne and Raymond Wadsack both of Stockton (pic#7025)
3rd place Hall of Famers Charlie Riley of Houston and Chuck Muehlhauser of St. Louis with sponsor center Jerry Romay (pic#7024)
4th place Dustin Kirkman of Joplin and Marty Shepard of Nebraska

In  Division 2 there were 8 teams competing and was very excited of winning and getting their share of the moneys.
1st place Troy Crowe and Jeff Ward both of Houston(pic#7020)
2nd place Bill Barks of St. Louis and Derek Cook of Houston (pic#7019)
3rd place Ray Wadsack and Tom Suter both of Stockton (pic#7018)

Presenting the newest Hall of Famer his jacket is our very own MSPA President Mark Gray (pic#7040)
and setting in front of the HALL OF FAME WALL  with the only 2 Hall of Famers present are Charlie Riley, Chuck Muehlhauser & Rick Pittman (pic#7015)


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