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5TH Annual Super Sam Memorial
St. Louis, MO - July 26-28, 2012
Afton Elks Lodge #2635
6330 Heege @ McKenzie Road St Louis , MO


The 5th Annual Super Sam Memorial Shuffleboard Tournament was held July 26-28th, 2012 at the Affton Elk's Lodge.  The ABC event was held on Thursday night with 7 teams competing.  Second place went to Dee Gibson-JL Jones-Denise Miner.  First place went to Chris Tinker-Mary Curtis-Bonnie Brayfield.  Bonnie and Denise both won their first ever shuffleboard plaques in this event so congrats to both of you and I'm sure there is more to follow.  

The Bring Partner event was held on Friday and carried over onto Saturday with 13 teams competing.  Fourth place went to Dee Gibson and Doug Schmaltz.  Third place went to JL Jones and Judy Doran.  Second place went to Steve Kane and Wayne Honer.  And this years' champions were Larry and Jerry Romay.  The Singles event started on Saturday shortly after the completion of the Doubles with 11 players competing.  Third place went to Jerry Romay.  Second place went Mark Gray.  And the Singles' champ was Steve Taylor. 

Thanks to the Out-of-Town players for making the long hot drive up to STL.  And thanks to the Kitchen crew for volunteering their time to feed the players. 
See ya next year.

ABC Draw
1st place-Chris Tinker, Mary Curtis & Bonnie Brayfield
2nd place-Dee Gibson, JL Jones, & Denise Miner
3rd place-Dan Kelly, Donna Miller & Shelia McCauley
1st- Jerry & Larry Romay
2nd-Steve Kane/Wayne Honer
3rd-JL Jones /Judy Doran
!st- Steve Taylor
2nd- Mark Gray
3rd-Jerry Romay

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