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February 11-12rh, 2012

The 11th Annual Connie McCall He/She Tournament was held February 11th-12th, 2012 at the Springfield Eagles Aerie 3934.

On the 10th, an ABC was held consisting of 10 teems, practicing for the tournament and familiarizing themselves with the shuffleboards.

For the tournament there was a total of 25 teams, 11 division A teams and 14 division B teams faced off against each other. Each team was consisted of one guy and one gal. This was a handicapped event with maximum sport of 4 points. All teams played their best with the following players emerging as winners:

Division A:
1st Keitha Ellison & Matt Coonts - Springfield & Houston MO
2nd Klara Hutsell & Gary Ferrou - Houston MO
3rd Shiela Cundruff & Craig "Doc" Bendickson - Stockton MO

Division B:
1st Becca Korte & Grant Nelson - Houston & Stockton MO
2nd Pam Bendickson & Brandon Bock - Stockton MO
3rd Angie Norton & Raymond Wadsack - Springfield & Stockton MO
4th Cheryl Reeder & Denny Cundruff - Houston & Stockton MO

The ladies auxiliary worked their magic in the kitchen making sure that everyone was well fed. "Bob at the Bar" Bradford prepared delicious smoked chicken and the ladies fixed homemade side orders of potato salad and baked beans. Thanks to all that had a hand in the food preparation, it was delicious.

The Saturday morning lag off contest was won by Grant Nelson of Stockton, with the 50% proceeds donated to the ladies auxiliary.

We were pleased to see several new Springfield shufflers enjoy themselves by teaming up and getting experience laying in a "real" tournament. We are proud of how far they have come and look forward to seeing them compete again soon. Sorry Miss Ringer, Roger did pick another partner, that's too bad, we would have liked to see you throw a hanger.

Shuffleboard players appreciate the cooperation from the Springfield Aerie 3934 for their hospitality, interest, help and kitchen services to be able to play our sport in such a great facility. Thanks to all that participated in front of and behind the scenes. It takes several people doing different duties to enable to make a successful event. We appreciate your help.



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