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14th Annual Missouri Hall of Fame
The Eagles Lodge F.O.E. 3911,
6954 S. Hwy 63, Houston, MO. 65483 (417) 967-2169

September 2011



Houston Eagles Lodge is the home the the Hall of Fame tournament. This years recipient was Johnny Wright of Kansas City. After hearing testimonies, he was more than deserving of this honor. The induction happened on September 10th with  MSPA president Mark Gray representing  his proposed inductee. It was a very emotional induction for them of the Kansas City area, as well as the entire shuffleboard players that was there. We heard alot of stories about Johnny who once owned a bar in Enid Oklahoma, with room enough for one shuffleboard table that had people standing and waiting for one game to finish so the next in line could play. He owned "The Honey Bucket" for two years, then moving into Kansas City in 1988, of course looking for shuffleboard activities, he had to call back to Oklahoma and talk to Ron Blalock to guide him to anyone in Missouri that played Shuffleboard, Ron hooked him up with Woodie Cockrum, which they became very good friends, with Woodie in Cuba and Johnny in Kansas City they together found players in between the two towns. Johnny found several places in Kansas City with each place haveing there own players at each, teaching them a different game. They were still playing the long foul line, and keep hammer he managed to get them to change the game which I'm sure was NO easy task. But got these people to go to other places in the area to go meet different players and taught them that it wasn't just a game, but a sport. So not only is he a director, but a promoter, which all adds up to being an AMBASSADOR, & a very great player as well. So again Congratulations Johnny for what you have brought together in this sport we all love. Mark done an outstanding job putting is honoree in the spotlight. We hadn't had an induction for a few years, and therefore when getting his plaque made & certificate, & the hall of fame booklet well he pretty much had to start from scratch to try to duplicate everything. But he managed to do it with all the RIGHT connections, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes to Dave Shewbridge, & Lynda French for all they contributed. pic # 5499 is Mark & Johnny
pic # 5504 is with Johnny standing with the Hall of Famers standing left to right are Rick Pittman Johnny Wright & Charlie Riley sitting is Woodie Cockrum and Missouri's LEGEND Gene Smith


This Hall of Fame tournament started on Thursday evening with an A/B draw which had 9 teams.
1st place Jim Payne of Stockton & Jim Drewel of Houston
2nd place Doc Bendickson of Stockton & Rustin Preheim of Houston
3rd place Matt Coonts of Houston & Bill Barks of St. Louis

On Friday was a bring your own partner with 2 divisions. Division 1 had 15 teams & Division 2 having 7 teams.
Division 1 winners were
1st place Dee Gibson of Potosi & Ron Sosovec of Colorado
2nd place Tyler Sparks of Houston & Bobby Duer of Kansas City
3rd place Doc Bendickson of Stockton & Scott Manier of Houston
4th place Angie Paben of Texas & Matt Coonts of Houston

Divsion 2 winners were
1st place Smokey Richards of Houston & Gary Swain of Kansas City
2nd place Donna Miller & Bill Burks both of St. Louis
3rd place Rustin Preheim and Brandon Adams both of Houston

Finishing up the Bring partner event was a break for Johnny Wrights induction. As soon as it was over, was a singles event with 19 people playing. Winners of this event were
1st place Mark Gray of Kansas City
2nd place Matt Coonts of Houston
3rd place Ron Sosovec of Colorado
4th place Bobby Duer of Kansas City
5th & 6th were Doug Paben of Texas & Doc Bendickson of Stockton


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