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Elks Lodge 594 Columbia, MO
October 6-8, 2011
Updated Saturday, October 22, 2011 4:40 PM

The 10th Annual Missouri State Shuffleboard Championship Tournament was held October 6th-8th, at the Columbia Elks Lodge 594 in Columbia, Missouri.

Columbia is also popular for the MIZZOURI TIGERS, even though the Tigers Football game was out of town that week-end; they still had great entertainment while watching their favorite teams on the BIG SCREEN. Starting on Saturday, Mizzou football, followed up by baseball with St.Louis Cardinals, then on Sunday  the Kansas City Chiefs, and NASCAR held in Kansas City, with the points leader changing hands to a driver from Columbia, Carl Edwards.

Yes none of these sports was played in town on this particular week-end, but SHUFFLEBOARD, was the big home entertainment.
Columbia Elks Lodge, are truly great host. With a menu to select from their great kitchen, but on Thursday everyone in this Lodge must have carried in a dish or 2, there was a large variety of food, and desserts. They also had a lot of different sponsors to help support this big event, with $500.00 added moneys. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Ben, an intern with a local paper, of course attending Missouri State, had pencil and paper in hand to get knowledge of this game, and what it is all about. Interviewing several of the players, taking in each game..(I think by next year, he will be playing)  I saw him setting on the edge of his chair, really getting involved in the game. If this was for a grade, I will guess he got an A, because he was very impressed how the game and how each player strategically put their game in motion for a win.
On Thursday evening, there was an ABC draw tournament, which included 23 teams.

Friday was the main event, Singles with 3 different divisions. A total of 58 players battling their division, to be a STATE CHAMPION.
In division 1 there were 15 players,
Division 2 had 16 players,
Division 3 had 27.

Saturday was a Bring partner also with 3 divisions, with a total of 76 players
 Division 1, had 10 teams,
Division 2 had 11 teams,
Division 3, 17 teams.

The overwhelming attendance was great.  There were a total of 84 registered players. People traveling from all over the state.
Columbia area had 21 players (most of which was 1st time tournament players)
Houston area had 17 + 1 Melissa Dunn helping run the brackets, thanks a lot Melissa you done an outstanding job
Kansas City area had 16 players
Stockton area had 13 players
St. Louis had 10 players
Springfield area had 4 players
Potosi had 1
LaGrange had 2

This tournament was played on Hudson Boards, built by Danny Sapp of Columbia, Missouri.

This was the first games ever played on them. There were a lot of 1st tournament players as well. Apparently, each town, is helping to promote the game of shuffleboard, this is what it will take to keep this game alive, and growing. After watching some of the newer players getting so involved in this sport, maybe they will start promoting too. Last year, wasn’t sure if there would be enough interest to even have a DIVISION 3 this year. Well somebody did a lot of work, Thank you who ever you are. There is a place for everyone in this game.
Woodie Cockrum,   Missouri’s 1st Hall of Famer recruited 20 Division 3 players from Columbia to play in the ABC, which all being a little nervous, enjoyed so much decided to Challenge there Division throughout the rest of the week-end. Good Job Woody.

In the ABC there were 6 places paid.

1st Place Chuck Muehlhausers of St Louis team Curtis Stone Columbia, & Grant Nelson Stockton
2nd Place Sam Witt of KC team Danny Stevens of KC, & Sherri Cawley Columbia
3rd Place Jim Payne of Stockton team Sheila Cundiff Stockton & Bill Barks St Louis area
4th Place Terry Russell of KC team Tammy Taylor Columbia & Leon Sartain Stockton
5th & 6th Place Matt Coonts of Houston team Donna Miller St. Louis area & Jim Moore KC, Jerry Romay St. Louis team Terry Durnil of Columbia & Preston Shrum Columbia


1st. Place Jim Payne of Stockton
2nd Place Mark Gray of KC
3rd Place Craig (Doc) Bendickson of Stockton
4th Place Jerry Romay of St Louis

1st Place Scott Manier of Houston
2nd Place Danny Stevens of  KC
3rd Place Sam Witt of KC
4th Place Mike Polson of St. Louis

Div 3
1st. Place Denny Cundiff  of Stockton
2nd Place Charlie Gann of  Columbia
3rd Place Cheryl Reeder of Houston
4th Place Jeff Ward of Houston
5th  & 6th  Sheila Cundiff  of Stockton , Jo An Hartley of KC

Bring Partner event

Div 1
1st Place Barb Head of Houston & Craig Bendickson of Stockton
2nd Place Mark Gray of KC& Justin Sparks of Houston
3rd Place Jim Payne of Stockton & Sandy Tubbs of KC

Div 2
1st Place Alben McDonald of  KC & Keitha Ellison of Springfield
2nd Place Scott Manier & Brandon Adams both of Houston
3rd Place Klara Hutsell & Delane Moore both of Houston

1st Place Tim Morris & Thomas Rychnovsky both of Columbia
2nd Place Denny Cundiff & Ray Wadsack both of Stockton
3rd Place Raymond Wadsack & Leon Sartain both of Stockton
4th Place Jeff Ward & Becca Korte both of Houston
5th & 6th  Place Brandon Bock & Thomas Suter both of Stockton,  Bill Barks & Donna Miller both of St. Louis area


From the President of the MSPA Mark Gray

I would like to add that it takes all of Missouri
to make this tournament a success.
It takes tournaments like this one to get the word out
and next years will be larger. Also I would really like
to thank everyone who helped make this tournament
a success a special, THANKS to Melissa Dunn for
running the brackets” all three of them”, Charlie Riley
for early registrations, and Keitha Ellison for keeping
the money and registrations going. Congrats to all
you winners, and look forward to seeing all of you
next year


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